So I managed to take (very) few pics on thanksgiving and one in particular that poor Kate happened to be super distraught during. So needless to say it was the realest. But we had a great day!—waking up slow, watching the parade, getting our dishes started (sweet potatoes, veggies and mac/cheese this year!) and a quick walk, all before heading up to be with family (and crashing collectively once we got home!). I love hearing Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁

Hope you enjoy being with loved ones today. I kind of feel that this is my season of thanks, rather than just one day! Either way, I can say one hundred percent that being thankful everyday as a family has flipped our entire family life on its head. When I start my day out with recognizing what a gift life is, I feel like nothing is standing in my way.

It’s not always easy and lack of sleep certain nights can be quite unhelpful, but being grateful and avoiding my thoughts natural lean towards complaints or grumbling has been one huge of JOY. Happy season of thanks!!


i’m nearly stuffed to the brim, my friends. after a full and wonderful thanksgiving dinner {and dessert with ice cream from bi-rite…yes, i know}, i am watching life with father, listening to the waves crashing out our window and finishing up a dab of stuffing, some apple and some sliced almond brittle with bittersweet’s safe to say i made my mark on thanksgiving this year.
james ventured out to best buy and i’m hoping he comes back intact..along with our wallet!
we had a gorg day today. after mozying in the early am and watching the macy’s parade, we prepped our salad and headed up to redwood city to visit with fam—redwood city always has more orangey-yellow leaves than us and my favorite street to take tree pictures on lives in redwood city.
it was such a beautiful day!
my cousin jess made her famous mashed potatoes with no less than one pound of cream cheese and butter, they are hands down the best ever. and aunt ella’s stuffing and cranberry relish blew my mind as always. i need to get around to learning how to make some of these dishes..

in true italian fashion, we enjoyed stuffed ricotta shells along with our turkey dinner {made by a fam member who’s an italian chef in sf..that’s serious italian business my friends} and they were soooo good.

the football watchers!
pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and
pumpkin bunt cake with salted caramel glaze:
full plate of dessert and aunt ella’s hot cider..well guys, it doesn’t get much better than that.
happy thanksgiving!!