Things that make you go oooh

hallways with rugs and pendant lamps, and a straight line of same-sized frames make me go “ooo” (house projects on the mind much)
that we finally. finally. FINALLY. got our photo Christmas cards in (don’t worry, you’ll get one too!)
the fact that my mama’s birthday is next tuesday AND i found THESE Christmas themed peeps. oh my gawsh. she will flip. it will be a proverbial flip.
our youth group holiday par-tay is tonight! can’t wait to see all those cutie-ooties in their ugly. ugly. like gurrl, that be UGLY. sweaters.
we get to finish-up our christmas shopping extravaganzaa on Saturday, woohoo!! I wish we could budget to buy people presents like this every month!
my unusual guacamole craving on tuesday, and interestingly enough a corn chips & queso craving on thursday. we even pulled up a google images page of corn chips & queso at work. see?? holidays, you give me issues, i tell you, massive junk food issue.
that eggnog is still, fully a regular food group right now. and that somebody decided to make these because of it.
that we get to have queso and corn chips on sunday- girls night with the youth!! BE THERE.
happy weekend!! xoxo


Was soo sleepless last night, I think the official amount of sleep slept was three hours (1am-4am…bleh!). I wasn’t anxious or worried, but a lot came on my mind while I was laying there (and before I finally picked up a game of Sudoku..). We had some deep chats that night over making sugar cookies for James’ staff Christmas party, and as we frosted and sprinkled, we talked about all the things that have happened in our hearts since being married- how much we’ve been secured in each other (the good kind), how much we’ve morphed into a family—our family—and how two seriously become one, what we want in the future, what kind of home we want to have, such GOOD things.

Lying there, I thought about our first Christmastime as a family and how it has been wonderfully rich in friendship and family, chocked-full of memories and fun, with so much to be thankful for. At the same time, we’ve been running on low in a lot of ways and I think my faith has run a little low..and I easily forget all the things that are soo good. Hubby reminded me of this verse last night:

I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

I forget that.

I forget I have a beautiful inheritance that’s so much more than what we can earn for ourselves.

I forget that when I look around, I have enumerable things to be thankful for! I think it’s a wonderful trick that Thanksgiving comes right before Christmas…reminding me to be grateful in this season. And another Thanksgiving is what I had last night in that sleepless thought party, 1am, in our lil room (minus the food coma)…just overwhelmed with thankfulness for the the many things we have. Our apt, our family/friends, a loving and kind God, our health, and jobs(!).

Soo yes, family & friends, you may have a more simple Christmas something from our fam this year, but just know it’s going to be so stinkin full of love and gratefulness that it could blow your socks off. Super off.

With a whole lotta love…

Things that make ya go oooh

sparkler messages like this make me go ooo
Getting paid. time. off. for the week in between Christmas and New Years- ahh!! Hallelujahs and Amens commence! I’m especially happy because James and I don’t have any days off together at the moment, and this is like FIVE of them. Watch out DIY projects on Pinterest, you’re about to get done!
Answering the phone at work this morning. It was Hawaii. FIVE-O. Like the actual one. Grandma would have gushed.
Burning almost everything that I’ve cooked this week. Including the gosh-awful cookies I made last night, I ran out of brown sugar and thought the scoop of peanut butter would be sweet enough. It wasn’t.
The fact that my grocery list this week included Gingerbread cookies, Egg nog, and candy-canes. I heart you Christmas.
Cuddling with my sick hubby in the evenings after he was sent home from work, not one, two, three but four days in a row…best cuddling hands down, although snotty at times. Don’t go actin like you don’t phlegm…you know you do 🙂
Sitting in bed wide awake every night this week at 12:30-1am because I’m still recovering from Black Friday…the heater humming, the humidifier…humidifying, and me tossing and turning. We’re basically a band, us night owls.
…And I’m off to primp for my company Christmas party, and by primp I mean put on some lipstick and get ready to eat…happy weekend lovely people!!
xoxo, CM

First christmas pt two

Our first ornament together!
Christmas angel a la grandma!
Here she is! Big Bertha le tree. She is, above all, large, but so good at making our living room feel so full of Christmasy joy and happiness (yes, all of that wrapped up into a tree! Who knew..). Apparently, we chose the most dramatic tree stands we could possibly choose because we already picked out TWO duds. complete and utter dud-y-ness. Like the duddyness that makes you want to make angry faces to everyone you see at Home Depot and act super angry-business-person-like and tell people you’re fed up and you need somebody to figure something out or else…or else something really bad could happen…but then you see it’s your sweet lil friend from elementary school and you just want to be nice, really nice. So nice in fact, that you’ve suddenly purchased another tree stand, and it wasn’t even on discount, and then it hardly works, but hubby is smart and a finagler, and finagles it like nobody’s business, and it works. But it’s up, and we love it. Christmas- you are worth it all.

A Christmas cold

I was the multi-dimensional wifey last night, taking care of this bugaboo…And if you’re wondering if there’s a beach towel draped over James, wonder no longer, he was watching Bruce Lee movies with a bowl of salsa (his “sick” request..I know, I know)- it was a recipe for total spillage-mess. On top of his sinus infection, our Christmas tree attacked him earlier in the day, spilling water all over the living room, and when he got up he hit his head on the big storage container of glass bulb ornaments and they spilled everywhere (glass…). Needless to say he needed some love.
…And the multi-dimensional part? Also hosting our very first Swiss mission team meeting (remember this?)! I love you already team. And look, I even had treats…happy treats…a little too happy, perhaps?…cheeky gingerbread men. Don’t worry, I washed them down with egg nog (which I had no idea was such a controversial drink!).

I remember it like it was…

a couple pictures from the day we got engaged, the day before Thanksgiving of 2010…
My love,
I can’t believe that was a year ago. Things are sooo different now, better different, and we thought we had it good then! We were still long distance, it seemed like we finally got the hang of relationship via phone, and then I moved home. You talked about our special date day for so long, but I just didn’t put the pieces together. I thought you would wait til I was done with school.

Our day was so special, our silly face photo shoots with your phone, meandering down every beach up the coast for one that wasn’t windy, and I just couldn’t understand why you were a little huffy-puffy about me wanted to go back to the car, hee. And finally walking around our favorite little cliff walk back in town, nobody around, the benches empty, the waves emptier, and we sat on a big rock {prophetic much}.

And then you talked about us, and I cried because you were sweet, and then you fell on the ground, but no…you were kneeling, and then I really cried. I couldn’t believe you took my mom to Sushi to ask her. I couldn’t believe you had planned this whole day for so long, and I didn’t even know. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing a ring on my finger, and it was gold not silver…how did you know that??

But you did it, and I said yes, and a little boy and an elderly couple cheered on the cliffs above. And I thought it was a movie—a movie that I’ll never ever forget.

I love you to the moon! and it grows each and every day.