I remember it like it was…

a couple pictures from the day we got engaged, the day before Thanksgiving of 2010…
My love,
I can’t believe that was a year ago. Things are sooo different now, better different, and we thought we had it good then! We were still long distance, it seemed like we finally got the hang of relationship via phone, and then I moved home. You talked about our special date day for so long, but I just didn’t put the pieces together. I thought you would wait til I was done with school.

Our day was so special, our silly face photo shoots with your phone, meandering down every beach up the coast for one that wasn’t windy, and I just couldn’t understand why you were a little huffy-puffy about me wanted to go back to the car, hee. And finally walking around our favorite little cliff walk back in town, nobody around, the benches empty, the waves emptier, and we sat on a big rock {prophetic much}.

And then you talked about us, and I cried because you were sweet, and then you fell on the ground, but no…you were kneeling, and then I really cried. I couldn’t believe you took my mom to Sushi to ask her. I couldn’t believe you had planned this whole day for so long, and I didn’t even know. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing a ring on my finger, and it was gold not silver…how did you know that??

But you did it, and I said yes, and a little boy and an elderly couple cheered on the cliffs above. And I thought it was a movie—a movie that I’ll never ever forget.

I love you to the moon! and it grows each and every day.

Gorgeous skies

My favorites from the last oh so lovely week of thankfulness:
to have four full and lovely days without any chatter of that nine-to-five thing I do, what’s that called again…
thanksgiving dinner, sigh…my assignment went scrumptiously (points with the fam? maybe hmm?) and the rest of the food, well, it basically blew my mind. I could eat that every day. Except for the whole food coma thing after.
seeing THE MUPPETS. it was so amazing, people! singing, dancing, maniacal laughing. the whole shabang.
Best Buy. 12am. Friday. We did. Xbox Christmas complete. Husband is happy. Never again.
James learning about Hanging with Friends. Now we play word games with each other and give funky looks across the couch when we lose.
Sauntering around stores like William Sonoma and Pottery Barn and dreaming about what we want to do with our little a-p-t. T’was just absolutely lovely.
Our advent calendar from Aunt Ella. Chocolates every day! I mean, what’s better. If it was only December first already…


Happy Christmas-time!!
The M household is so excited for the Christmas season…finding our perfect tree, Christmas parties, cozy rooms full of decorations and fake snow, sparkle outfits and shimmery rosy cheeks, sending out the holiday cards, finding gifts for the loved ones on a budget that reminds us that our loved ones love us anyway (and making them lots of cookies to go with them), black and white movies, fireplace-smell and family, friends, loved ones galore! Right??
I’m fully certain Anthology’s Christmas issue captures this entirely, pretty much you must check it out. Sneak a peek…


xoxo, CM

Giving thanks on tuesday

We have two Thanksgivings this year, and the first one was last night! Our church’s intern/resident department hosts the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner, with entertainment that followed…and it. was. incredible. From ham and turkey, to amazing autumn decor, to crunchy-top mac and cheese, to fresh (and I mean FRESH) bread and an amayyyzing talent show!!!
The Highlights:
Swiss Bread. It basically always will be a highlight for me.
Pumpkin Cheesecake with lemon icing.
Chocolate raisin cookies with white-chocolate frosting.
Okay, the dessert table basically.
The Backstreet’s Back Alright performance (You are My Fire was a close second).
Ivan and Patrice’s recreation of the budding of James and I’s relationship to “Take a Chance on Me” Don’t worry I’ll post a video soon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wonderful rendition of our love. Honestly, now.
Coming home after a full, fun night and having to massage my cheekbones cause I laughed and smiled all night long.
The Swiss cows. That is all. You know who you are.




I ate almost all of this.


Yes. I eat you. All of you.


The shpread.
Thank you church family for such a wonderful evening that I will. never. forget. 🙂
xoxo CM

Dinner along the silk road

This weekend, my family celebrated my Birthday with me at Laili’s for a swanky, downtown dinner (featured in the NY Times no less)! We nibbled on Naan, gnawshed on our kebabs, and drooled over our to-die-for desserts- it was a super hit.
I had Anar chicken with pomegranate marinade (and seeds!) and heirloom tomato salad, and a birthday mousse to seal the deal. Love my family and loved the food! Never fear rest-of-family, we’ll celebrate soon (over-the-top winking happening right now)!
Hubby with his garlic/lime beef kebab (ka-bob or ke-bob?)
Mama (this was sort of her thank you party…you know for my birth and everything, yay mamas!) and Sunny with their chicken dishes (kinda cut the dishes out…they’re more lovely anyway!)
Aunt Mary and Hayden- Aunt Mary’s spinach was super drool worthy!!
Focused Haydee with his garlic/lime dish…
Present time! Love these earrings from Sunny!!
Aunt Mary and Hayden’s lovely fleurs for moi!
My chocolate birthday mousse with baklava (already gone by this point)…AMAZING.
Creme brulee and French press, happy dessert time!
James and Sunny couldn’t decide who’s bite came next…understandable.
Thank you for all the love my wonderful fam, you make birthdays so much better!!
xoxo, CM

A night at the theatre

Yesterday evening, we went for a night out to the theatre (spelled “r-e” at the end because it’s a proper thing to do on a Friday evening) to see the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was absolutely lovely. Incredible costumes (I mean check out the white witch above…seriously!), a breathtakingly evil white witch (we wouldn’t have you any other way, would we…she certainly didn’t miss a beat) and a wonderful troop of Pevensie children. We almost took Lucy home. She was wonderful, absolutely perfect. You can see about an inch of her face in the scene with Tumnus above. She was even good at disliking Edmund. Aslan was a bit slapstick for me- and um..when is Aslan slapstick?…but nevertheless, the cast broke a proverbial leg.
Sipping on espresso and nibbling some Swiss chocolate for you…CM

Thanksgiving traditions

Yesterday, as I was having my eyebrow hair ripped out with hot wax, my aesthetician soothingly told me about her family’s Thanksgiving traditions, and I decided that we there are some traditions I am sooo adopting, thus I gathered stories from friends and work associates and I’m calling these the Thanksgiving traditions we should all adopt!
Karaoke I love this tradition. It was my wax-lady Erika’s! They get into teams and then the host gives them each team a song to sing. They will be competing via satellite with their cousins in Texas, but you could totally just record each team and play it after! I think this is awesome. Way to be Erika’s fam!
A month of thankfulness Ok, I made this one up (although I’m sure it’s probably been done) but I soo want to start this in our home! All you need are little cut out leaves, a big cut-out tree (some construction paper), and maybe a frame to tape it up to for added cuteness. What you do is write things you’re thankful for on the leaves and tape them onto the tree. You can do this on Thanksgiving day with the fam, or even one a day in your home, thus- a month of thankfulness!
Get up off that boot-ay Run out and play! Do something active with everybody after dinner…find a local park or walk by the beach, play frisbee or touch football. We did this a long, long time ago with my family, but I still remember how special it was!
Doning the Tday apron This is so cute! This family made aprons for the chefs in their clan, and they pull them out every year to use as they prepare their feast. Here are some cute ideas on how to sew one of these bab-ays…or buy one these!
Do you have any fun traditions??
Happy day-that’s-a-week before Thanksgiving!!
xoxo CM