Giving thanks on tuesday

We have two Thanksgivings this year, and the first one was last night! Our church’s intern/resident department hosts the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner, with entertainment that followed…and it. was. incredible. From ham and turkey, to amazing autumn decor, to crunchy-top mac and cheese, to fresh (and I mean FRESH) bread and an amayyyzing talent show!!!
The Highlights:
Swiss Bread. It basically always will be a highlight for me.
Pumpkin Cheesecake with lemon icing.
Chocolate raisin cookies with white-chocolate frosting.
Okay, the dessert table basically.
The Backstreet’s Back Alright performance (You are My Fire was a close second).
Ivan and Patrice’s recreation of the budding of James and I’s relationship to “Take a Chance on Me” Don’t worry I’ll post a video soon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wonderful rendition of our love. Honestly, now.
Coming home after a full, fun night and having to massage my cheekbones cause I laughed and smiled all night long.
The Swiss cows. That is all. You know who you are.




I ate almost all of this.


Yes. I eat you. All of you.


The shpread.
Thank you church family for such a wonderful evening that I will. never. forget. 🙂
xoxo CM

Dinner along the silk road

This weekend, my family celebrated my Birthday with me at Laili’s for a swanky, downtown dinner (featured in the NY Times no less)! We nibbled on Naan, gnawshed on our kebabs, and drooled over our to-die-for desserts- it was a super hit.
I had Anar chicken with pomegranate marinade (and seeds!) and heirloom tomato salad, and a birthday mousse to seal the deal. Love my family and loved the food! Never fear rest-of-family, we’ll celebrate soon (over-the-top winking happening right now)!
Hubby with his garlic/lime beef kebab (ka-bob or ke-bob?)
Mama (this was sort of her thank you party…you know for my birth and everything, yay mamas!) and Sunny with their chicken dishes (kinda cut the dishes out…they’re more lovely anyway!)
Aunt Mary and Hayden- Aunt Mary’s spinach was super drool worthy!!
Focused Haydee with his garlic/lime dish…
Present time! Love these earrings from Sunny!!
Aunt Mary and Hayden’s lovely fleurs for moi!
My chocolate birthday mousse with baklava (already gone by this point)…AMAZING.
Creme brulee and French press, happy dessert time!
James and Sunny couldn’t decide who’s bite came next…understandable.
Thank you for all the love my wonderful fam, you make birthdays so much better!!
xoxo, CM

A night at the theatre

Yesterday evening, we went for a night out to the theatre (spelled “r-e” at the end because it’s a proper thing to do on a Friday evening) to see the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was absolutely lovely. Incredible costumes (I mean check out the white witch above…seriously!), a breathtakingly evil white witch (we wouldn’t have you any other way, would we…she certainly didn’t miss a beat) and a wonderful troop of Pevensie children. We almost took Lucy home. She was wonderful, absolutely perfect. You can see about an inch of her face in the scene with Tumnus above. She was even good at disliking Edmund. Aslan was a bit slapstick for me- and um..when is Aslan slapstick?…but nevertheless, the cast broke a proverbial leg.
Sipping on espresso and nibbling some Swiss chocolate for you…CM

Thanksgiving traditions

Yesterday, as I was having my eyebrow hair ripped out with hot wax, my aesthetician soothingly told me about her family’s Thanksgiving traditions, and I decided that we there are some traditions I am sooo adopting, thus I gathered stories from friends and work associates and I’m calling these the Thanksgiving traditions we should all adopt!
Karaoke I love this tradition. It was my wax-lady Erika’s! They get into teams and then the host gives them each team a song to sing. They will be competing via satellite with their cousins in Texas, but you could totally just record each team and play it after! I think this is awesome. Way to be Erika’s fam!
A month of thankfulness Ok, I made this one up (although I’m sure it’s probably been done) but I soo want to start this in our home! All you need are little cut out leaves, a big cut-out tree (some construction paper), and maybe a frame to tape it up to for added cuteness. What you do is write things you’re thankful for on the leaves and tape them onto the tree. You can do this on Thanksgiving day with the fam, or even one a day in your home, thus- a month of thankfulness!
Get up off that boot-ay Run out and play! Do something active with everybody after dinner…find a local park or walk by the beach, play frisbee or touch football. We did this a long, long time ago with my family, but I still remember how special it was!
Doning the Tday apron This is so cute! This family made aprons for the chefs in their clan, and they pull them out every year to use as they prepare their feast. Here are some cute ideas on how to sew one of these bab-ays…or buy one these!
Do you have any fun traditions??
Happy day-that’s-a-week before Thanksgiving!!
xoxo CM

how do i

Leann Rimes and I have a question…How do I live without you? But of course she is talking about love, and I? Well, I’m talking about my new favorite Gelato. We discovered Talenti on a Saturday evening with our dear friends, with hopes of satisfying a desperate sweet tooth. While anxiously searching the frozen aisles of Whole Foods, we happened upon a beautiful display of gelato and sorbet. It read Talenti but it whispered devour me. We were instantly hooked. 
Maybe it’s their natural ingredients, or their gourmet Belgian chocolate, their epic and majestic naming methods, or perhaps their homemade nut pastes, yes perhaps that’s it- nut paste glory. All I know, is that we bought six pints (yes, that was intended for four people), and we each polished off our own, and James and I nearly repolished the other two pints last night. Yup. Amazing. Please try it. Please try it now. Like, don’t just close this page after you finish reading and facebook for a little while. Seriously grab your purse, or wallet, or jacket, nevermind just grab some cold hard cash and go to Whole Foods. Go. NOW.
Our beautiful friends, they’re twins and we love them!
Devour hour. We’re flavor fraternal twins!
Happy friends, happy faces!
Hope you had a great weekend!
xoxo CM

why you gotta go and do that…


How do you make a picture of dirty ol’ tire look nice? I won’t bother with it cause my car tires (well, this one in particular) have never shown me any love. At all! This morning was no exception. I was busily working away at my desk smackin on some yogurt, when my coworker came and shared the entirely unsurprising news that my tire was flat. This is, oh what, about the fourth time this has happened this year! Can’t a girl catch a break?
Well, luckily, since we shape surfboards, we have all these crazy compressor machines in the back lot, so my tire was kindly filled up! But, as I should only expect from a mean faulty tire, it rudely drained out all it’s new happy air. That’s why you’re outta here. That’s right. You’re done, tire. I’m about to get you replaced and you will no longer get to inflict your cruel, unusual practices on my truck. Hasta la bye bye. No more mocking me through innocent bystanders who feel obligated to dramatically wave me down at large, popular intersections to let me know the tire’s low. No more walks of shames through the office and to the parking lot so the coworker who found my tire misfortune can help me inspect it and everybody can see how “badly” I treat you. No mas. No more. Never again.
Off to fix this mess. And- if you’re wondering, yes, I’m on a first name basis with the tire store.
xoxo, CM

The big TWO-FOUR

Thank you mama for yesterday, because yesterday is the anniversary of the day that you were basically wonder woman and introduced me to the world. So I raise a toast to my mama, cause yesterday was my birthday (I’m the big two-four, but sometimes act like the little two-plus-four…but only sometimes)!
I was greeted in the morning with a beautiful rose (the suave and saucy kind) and a sweet card (the cry kind) along with two whole wheat waffles…yum! A wonderful morning at church was to be had with a delicious surprise cake from the youth (you guysss…), i just love them…not to mention the balloon that was thereafter attached to my jacket.
After church we were off on a great adventure on highway one!
I took my red lips cause it’s was my birthday and I could…
James took his…silly lips…cause he could.


Our favorite berry farm in Davenport- the taste test section: where we always begin. Those jars were new when we got there…okay not really, but close!


The display. The drama of deliciousness is, at times, overwhelming and, at times, entirely conquerable.
My love with his happy strawberry cheesecake face.
The challenge.


Meet one blackberry cobbler and one, organic cauliflower soup a la yum.
The aftermath. Obvies, I won. And yes, this was all for me. Yum!


Then, we scurried back down to a little outdoor gallery in Santa Cruz. My favorite was the lamp store- look at these awesome pieces!…The lampbrellas took the cake for me with their sidewaysness and cute colors.
And then we went to our most favoritest restaurant Cafe Cruz, drool times a lot (I obviously drooled continuously throughout my day). I ordered the portabello mushroom polenta with grilled chicken. James ordered the skirt steak fettucine. It made our tummies, faces and hearts happy…see??
Thankful for another happy, full and wonderful year of life, oh happy day!
xoxo CM