Happy list

spending LESS money than we saved shopping for cmas-
stinkin incredible you are, old navy.
Finding this blog, I heart it.
Anthropologie’s fresh cuts. I put about oh $800 worth of product in my shopping cart- let’s just say once-a-week, pretend that I’m going to buy it, and it satisfies some weird, sad-ish Anthropologie craving. I think my favorites are this and this.
Counting the HOURS before Christmas is here! Family, singing, friends, cookies, gift giving, more cookies, and so much love!
Getting all the wrapping DONE! Yet while loving wrapping so much all at the same time!
The amount of sweets, carbs and overall crazy food we’ve been eating makes me go ooo in whoa bessie way, heh. The russian tea cookies are calling to me from the other room. Hush, russian tea cookies (…there’s two mocking me on my desk). I can’t wait to detox come January one. This one is my favorite so far!
Costco. The week before Christmas.
Making a beach towel into a tree skirt because I finally admitted the fact that I won’t be buying one before Christmas. It’s cute, no? Okay, it’s functional, people!
This “year in review” from over here– I so want to learn how to do this to include in next year’s christmas cards!
A perfectly wonderful night talking with hubby about the future, life and giggling a lot. Sweet moments like that just make a long (LONG.) day so much easier.


artwork by bansky
this year, james and i have the pleasure of leading our christmas day chapel service at our church! in planning everything, we feel it on our hearts to teach about hope…how Jesus was born into a world filled with overwhelming sorrow and hope-lessness. ooh and how it can feel like i’m living in that world sometimes! to that society, to that world (and to ours)- out of His compassion- He sent His son; He couldn’t bear the fact that lives might be spent in melancholy and anguish. He desired to send us hope and promise through Jesus.
what those angels heralded all those many years ago was truly good news. good news that Jesus has been born for *all* people as a Savior- or someone who can make you whole.
A deliverer.
A protector.
A healer.
One who preserves you.
that is the good news. and I soo need that good news. even today, right now. I need to be preserved. I need to be protected. I need to be healed. and in the very deepest part of my heart, I’ve always wanted to be made whole…”You complete me”…that desire to be complete doesn’t go away. Jesus does that for us. on that day He came into our broken, rickety little world, He gave us Hope for our lives here, and for an awesomely amazing eternity.
Psalm 37:25 I have been young and now I’m old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging bread.
Psalm 33:18-22 But look here- the Lord’s eyes watch all who honor Him, and who wait for His faithful love, to deliver their lives from death, to keep them alive in famine. We put our hope in the Lord, He is our help and shield. Our heart rejoices because we trust Him.
Psalm 31:23-24 Oh Love the Lord, all you His godly ones. The Lord preserves the faithful. Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the Lord.

For my mama


that’s my mom on the left, circa when she was about five years old 🙂
Happy Birthday to my lovely mama, Bette. 
Oh motha, you inspire me. I just want to say thank you to you…
For always laughing at my jokes (always).
For answering my phone calls (ALL of them no matter what time), teaching me the importance of integrity, pursuing education, and being brave.
For taking me along with your on your love for adventures, traveling the world, good cheese and art.
For giving me a chance to discover all the things I love in life, and for always encouraging people to follow what they love and what makes them happy.
For being so generous to me with your love, time, encouragement and thoughts.
You are an incredibly strong, smart, thoughtful, giving, creative, artistic woman.
You are an inspiration to me, and an incredible mother and friend.
We love you soo much and can’t wait to celebrate you this eve!

we became sushi

Our high school girls night consisted of sumo wrestling, twister, eating WAY too many cookies (and Queso/chips too) and giggling a whole lot. Our sumo wrestles looked like sushi wrestling, donchya think??
I’ll take two spicy unagi.









decor c/o the youth group. creative, no? love.


Happy Christmas sumo/sushi/cookie parties to you, too!

Things that make you go oooh

hallways with rugs and pendant lamps, and a straight line of same-sized frames make me go “ooo” (house projects on the mind much)
that we finally. finally. FINALLY. got our photo Christmas cards in (don’t worry, you’ll get one too!)
the fact that my mama’s birthday is next tuesday AND i found THESE Christmas themed peeps. oh my gawsh. she will flip. it will be a proverbial flip.
our youth group holiday par-tay is tonight! can’t wait to see all those cutie-ooties in their ugly. ugly. like gurrl, that be UGLY. sweaters.
we get to finish-up our christmas shopping extravaganzaa on Saturday, woohoo!! I wish we could budget to buy people presents like this every month!
my unusual guacamole craving on tuesday, and interestingly enough a corn chips & queso craving on thursday. we even pulled up a google images page of corn chips & queso at work. see?? holidays, you give me issues, i tell you, massive junk food issue.
that eggnog is still, fully a regular food group right now. and that somebody decided to make these because of it.
that we get to have queso and corn chips on sunday- girls night with the youth!! BE THERE.
happy weekend!! xoxo


Was soo sleepless last night, I think the official amount of sleep slept was three hours (1am-4am…bleh!). I wasn’t anxious or worried, but a lot came on my mind while I was laying there (and before I finally picked up a game of Sudoku..). We had some deep chats that night over making sugar cookies for James’ staff Christmas party, and as we frosted and sprinkled, we talked about all the things that have happened in our hearts since being married- how much we’ve been secured in each other (the good kind), how much we’ve morphed into a family—our family—and how two seriously become one, what we want in the future, what kind of home we want to have, such GOOD things.

Lying there, I thought about our first Christmastime as a family and how it has been wonderfully rich in friendship and family, chocked-full of memories and fun, with so much to be thankful for. At the same time, we’ve been running on low in a lot of ways and I think my faith has run a little low..and I easily forget all the things that are soo good. Hubby reminded me of this verse last night:

I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

I forget that.

I forget I have a beautiful inheritance that’s so much more than what we can earn for ourselves.

I forget that when I look around, I have enumerable things to be thankful for! I think it’s a wonderful trick that Thanksgiving comes right before Christmas…reminding me to be grateful in this season. And another Thanksgiving is what I had last night in that sleepless thought party, 1am, in our lil room (minus the food coma)…just overwhelmed with thankfulness for the the many things we have. Our apt, our family/friends, a loving and kind God, our health, and jobs(!).

Soo yes, family & friends, you may have a more simple Christmas something from our fam this year, but just know it’s going to be so stinkin full of love and gratefulness that it could blow your socks off. Super off.

With a whole lotta love…