My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities

I am always looking for ways to keep my morning routine quick, peaceful and effective. Each morning, we find ourselves in the middle of a chorus of salutations—who will stir first?—we’re never sure. I very rarely wake up before the kids, since they are early wakers, but I try. And if I can’t, I attempt to get things underway while they’re still occupied with “quiet” playing (or something like it!), before they’re dressed and we begin Continue reading “My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities”

Bits and pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’ve been so behind the game this week, our entire family somehow got a terrible stomach flu, within hours of each other and it’s been a mean one. The last 12-24 hours have been a romantic dance of changing sheets, changing clothes, filling waters, emptying buckets, washing towels, disinfecting the car, washing car seats, Continue reading “Bits and pieces”

Inspiring Parenting Quotes

C2C3BD4C-2846-42F8-BADA-A89908001D5F.jpgWe’ve had some rough parenting days. The long days that test, challenge and nearly break you; the weeks that try your spirit; the ones that cause you to remember that you are merely mortal, not superhuman and certainly not the perfect parental specimen.

There are evenings I sit down after bedtime is complete and I am rushed with thoughts of moments I could have managed better—been more understanding, gentle, kindly instructive, spontaneous, played more, prayed more, etc. Sometimes I come across an inspiring reminder or hilarious feed that brings levity. These days can be hard, but when you step back, they can also be sweet, ridiculous, precious and fleeting. Continue reading “Inspiring Parenting Quotes”

Family Grocery List Printable

weekly grocery list printable — mrscaseyann

I recently went to grab one of my stylish “to market” grocery lists I ordered a cute stationery company last year, and as it folded over, ripped and fell out of my hands (for the thousandth time), having already lost the back cardboard and magnet piece, I grabbed a random scrap of paper and jotted down my Costco list, and our regular chaotic shopping trip commenced 🙂 Continue reading “Family Grocery List Printable”

Winter weekend in Lake Tahoe

I’d forgotten how truly stunning Lake Tahoe is! I grew up coming here and have treasured both the winter and summer vacations over the years. Summer has it’s own special dreaminess to it, but winter is pure magic! Walking up to a nearly 360° panorama of snow capped mountains surrounding the nearly still, crystal clear (ice cold) lake is stunning. And no picture captures it! Trust me, we keep trying 🙂 Continue reading “Winter weekend in Lake Tahoe”

26 week bump (and gender reveal!)

ca789340-7ff5-42ba-80ec-69a7678504ec.jpgJust a little bumpdate—26 weeks! Things are going well right now, and the weeks are flying by. And before the updates, i promsied a gender reveal.. it’s a boy! I know, I know, a bit anticlimactic as far as gender reveals go, you are most welcome 😉 But we are excited to know there’s a little mister joining us. Luke is elated to be “evened up” and keeps computing little brothers age in conjunction with the rest of the Continue reading “26 week bump (and gender reveal!)”

5 free ways to read online and on your phone


I love the freedom of being able to read on my phone. Conceptually, the idea of having a book in hand is quite wonderful, and maybe when my life slows down and books aren’t vulnerable to my children’s cute, sticky fingers, I shall read, book-in-hand, again. But meanwhile, I need a book to be handy on my phone and available at a moment’s notice for my short 5 minute openings, when my rarely quiet home is eerily and fleetingly silent!

Well, I quickly discovered that too much reading online or in your phone gets expensive! Being a member of your local library Continue reading “5 free ways to read online and on your phone”

January wishlist

Hello Friday 🙂 It’s been a week! I was so ready for some quiet days at home after the nuttiness of the back-to-school excitement and adjusting to our routine again. I’ve got a rainy/snowy January wishlist here, with most things revolving around health and wellness—like keeping my skin happy through these colder months, updating my workout supply and my posture while I’m at it. There are also a few pretty things for good measure.


Continue reading “January wishlist”

At Home in January

Warm white minimal home decor

I have been thinking quite a bit about decluttering this month. The cleaning up of sparkly Christmas decor, the sudden emptiness once things are boxed and away, the start of a new year and of course, the release of the Marie Kondo Netflix series, which I’m sure is filling up most secondhand stores with many items worthy of sparking joy for all society 😉 I’m in the process of Continue reading “At Home in January”