January wishlist

Hello Friday 🙂 It’s been a week! I was so ready for some quiet days at home after the nuttiness of the back-to-school excitement and adjusting to our routine again. I’ve got a rainy/snowy January wishlist here, with most things revolving around health and wellness—like keeping my skin happy through these colder months, updating my workout supply and my posture while I’m at it. There are also a few pretty things for good measure.


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At Home in January

Warm white minimal home decor

I have been thinking quite a bit about decluttering this month. The cleaning up of sparkly Christmas decor, the sudden emptiness once things are boxed and away, the start of a new year and of course, the release of the Marie Kondo Netflix series, which I’m sure is filling up most secondhand stores with many items worthy of sparking joy for all society 😉 I’m in the process of Continue reading “At Home in January”

Chicken soup from scratch

I haven’t been feeling the best so I’ve been cooking up a lot of comforting, savory soups and broths. I love the rich taste of a broth from scratch, flavors are so much more distinguishable—the mirepoix, turmeric, onion, garlic, and tender chunks of chicken. They truly don’t take too much time or attention, which is helpful for a sometimes distracted chef like myself. Continue reading “Chicken soup from scratch”

Looking back at 2018

I’ve done a “year in review” style post in years past but hadn’t felt up to it anytime recently, but when one is sick in bed (and slightly bored), things like this just happen 😉 happy new year! Here are a few major moments I’m thinking of as we sail into 2019. This year held many changes for us, and it was a pivotal moment in how we view our lives. We’ve slowed down significantly, pruned things that needed pruning and attempted to boil down to the vital parts of life. It’s been a beautiful process! Not without challenges Continue reading “Looking back at 2018”

Zopf on Thursday


Copy of pregfaves2

The weather has been a bit colder in the days following Christmas and it’s just felt perfectly agreeable to make things, even after the cookie extravaganza of 2018 (I think I’ve been baking daily for like two weeks now!). This recipe is one I’ve used over the years for Swiss Sunday bread, Zopf, or Züpfe in some regions (or so I hear!). Continue reading “Zopf on Thursday”