Beauty DIY—Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

I feel like Spring is so excellent at reminding me that all my formerly covered up limbs need some serious care and vitamin D! Layering on extra moisturizer, drinking ample amounts of water and giving myself a good exfoliating scrub helps to bring my skin out of hibernation.

I have a few scrubs that I like to use, but in the spirit of spring, I thought a fresh, lemony scrub would do the trick. Continue reading “Beauty DIY—Lemon Sugar Body Scrub”

Staying Organized—Toy Storage Solutions

My nesting instincts have been afoot and toy organization has been on the receiving end of some major purging! We’ve been working on slimming down toy collections to just the absolute favorites. It was time; I was discouraged coming across bins of mismatched toys that end up getting trashed or forgotten because of the hot mess. I’ve had my thinking cap on as I explored storage ideas so thought I’d share a few that keep us on track! Continue reading “Staying Organized—Toy Storage Solutions”

How to Involve Toddlers in Mealtime Prep

Mealtimes can be a marathon with small children, especially anyone under five (which is 100 percent of our kids at this current moment, ha). Our two oldest are coming to the age where they can are readily helpful around mealtime, and are interested in doing it! I love to have their help in the kitchen; they are some of the sweetest moments. They are Continue reading “How to Involve Toddlers in Mealtime Prep”

Tips for a Relaxing Evening at Home

Tips for a Relaxing Evening @ Home — mrscaseyann

These days, I am especially prone to a relaxing evening at home. If I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch by 7pm, then I am usually looking for a few things to help me wind down, recharge and relax. I am currently forgetful about what it’s like to have energy in the nighttime hours, and usually enjoy being productive or socializing after the sun goes down. For now, if I find myself in any position where my head can rest on something soft, you’ll lose me for sure. I am finding that there’s actually much to be buzzing about as spring quickly approaches (not just babies!) so if you’re also in need of a quiet night like me, here is my perfect recipe. Continue reading “Tips for a Relaxing Evening at Home”

10 Healthy Kids Snacks

10 Healthy Kids Snacks — mrscaseyann

Snacks. Quite the dangerous subject in our home. We find that we prefer less snacking in general, as they seem to lead to barely touched dinners. I usually aim to feed the kids the most in the earlier parts of the day but sometimes their appetites object and we find ourselves scavenging for an afternoon snack.

And they are an especially integral part of days that aren’t as routine! Days spent out and about exploring, taking an extra long walk, searching out a new museum or passing time at an appointment. Continue reading “10 Healthy Kids Snacks”

My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities

I am always looking for ways to keep my morning routine quick, peaceful and effective. Each morning, we find ourselves in the middle of a chorus of salutations—who will stir first?—we’re never sure. I very rarely wake up before the kids, since they are early wakers, but I try. And if I can’t, I attempt to get things underway while they’re still occupied with “quiet” playing (or something like it!), before they’re dressed and we begin Continue reading “My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities”

Bits and pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’ve been so behind the game this week, our entire family somehow got a terrible stomach flu, within hours of each other and it’s been a mean one. The last 12-24 hours have been a romantic dance of changing sheets, changing clothes, filling waters, emptying buckets, washing towels, disinfecting the car, washing car seats, Continue reading “Bits and pieces”