Late night essay

Arm asleep, drool on shoulder. Snotty, congested breaths, chests rise and fall. Various limbs nestled tightly with mine, comforted in the closeness. All other beds in the house emptied in the span of a few sleepless hours over a tearful bargain for ours. A haggle often lost by us, I’m sure the record is staggering. Such is the predicament of the midnight hours with our sick children. Continue reading “Late night essay”

New platform, new look


Welp! This may not be as exciting to you as it is to me, but I’ve officially switched to WordPress. I had toyed with the idea of navigating away from Blogger for a long while now, and finally took the leap. So far, I love it! It feels so fresh to log-in here.

I looked primarily at WordPress and Squarespace; this seemed to fit my blogging hopes and needs best. I also love the minimalist look. So goodbye to dear old Blogger. I will not miss signing out of our four or five Google sign-ons just to log into my home page. Though, there’s something about the orange and white “B” logo I’ll miss. The nostalgia of sharing my thoughts and photos (of the utmost terrible quality) for the first time.

While I cringed as I imported my old posts here, it was such a wonderful thing, to brazenly post about all sorts of topics I assumed I was some sort of an authority on. Many didn’t survive (you’re welcome). The posts that do stay in my archives remain because I found some satisfaction in them. Like peering through an old frame of my feelings, mindsets and emotions gone by.

Lest you worry, there are quite a few left that still make me cringe!

Blogging is my way to say.. I love you

You know you have an almost two-year-old when you have Daniel Tiger songs stuck in your head, even at 10:30pm at night. So when blogger asks what you want to call your post, you resort to the song that’s been stuck in your head since 7:15am!

I feel so February this month–a little unforeseen sun, a little foggy, sorta introspective, stressy at times, glued to HGTV dvr .. you know .. Februaryish stuff 🙂 We’re in the middle of a lot of life changes and I’m pretty sure we’ve hit our max on “things you’re not supposed to do when you have a baby” .. but who likes those rules anyhow? Continue reading “Blogging is my way to say.. I love you”

Sunken into my shoes

2015 was so full for us in many ways.. To name a few.. celebrating Luke’s first year with us in March, saying goodbye to a multiple family members much too soon and unexpectedly, to discovering we were pregnant in June, then finding out she’s a she(!) in September, being sick as a dog through a whole heck of a lot of the pregnancy, to our ministry life being turned upside down / shaken up (in a good way), to new friends, old friends, learning new things, and making mistakes for the tenth time and having to apologize especially often 🙂

Continue reading “Sunken into my shoes”

A few thoughts jotted down

Hello stranger! I say stranger for no fault of your own, it’s absolutely me.. I’ve been behind on all my blogging adventures 🙂 Although it doesn’t show here, things have been good, nay great! The things that occupy our days?.. Our busy little 9-month-old, pastoring the youth and interns of our church, all of the Christmas parties, rain storms, finishing up our handmade gifts, wind storms, visiting with family, friends, trips to San Francisco, journaling here and there and the eternal work of cleaning our house! Whew. There were a few Hallmark Christmas movies in the mix there as well because we have to get some priorities straight 🙂 Continue reading “A few thoughts jotted down”

Little pauses

It’s the moment in between it all. The trash is out, some of the dishes have been put away, yesterday’s mail (bills) have been thumbed through and everyone’s needs are momentarily met. I can lean in close and hear his little breaths ever so quietly and the hum of the fan in the background as I carefully walk out of his room and gingerly close the door.

It’s the peaceful break in all the busyness of his day and mine that’s become so much more treasured than ever before. I can scan and flip through the pages of the book I’m working through, mix a spoonful of sugar into my hot tea and prop my feet up on our coffee table, with mid-morning light strewn on my toes, which are resting on a soft, velvet blanket. Or he’s in the stroller and we’re making our way down our block, which leads down to the water, where we can stroll in the salty air. Or less glamorously like this moment now, where I type away at my laptop voraciously indulging my acai bowl 🙂

I treasure these little pauses. Pauses that are—by no means—ignoring all that there is to do, but with the full understanding of how smart it would be to not take a break, still break wholeheartedly. My maternity leave has not been a vacation (which..who really thinks it will be?!? ..ok maybe me 🙂 but more a block of time where we get to know our baby boy, as well as establish our family—time together, rest together, being fully engaged in the other areas of our life but still running on all cylinders with our family. It’s all such an adjustment and it takes time since we’re discovering things for the first time again.

In all this newness, I find that rest has become more important than before, something not to disregard or leave for later. Something that gives me more opportunity to do things with a sound mind, more motivation and out of bounty rather than a deficit. Do I need to schedule rest? Perhaps I’d hope not to need to, but in this season, I do—and I’m not ashamed of that! I’m mastering my resting skills more than I ever have before and finding the fruit, life and benefit of those little pauses in my day that benefit myself, my family and how I serve God 🙂

Hope you find your little moment of rest today!

**A moment from our first family walk 🙂

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ―John Lubbock