Looking back at 2018

I’ve done a “year in review” style post in years past but hadn’t felt up to it anytime recently, but when one is sick in bed (and slightly bored), things like this just happen šŸ˜‰ happy new year! Here are a few major moments I’m thinking of as we sail into 2019. This year held many changes for us, and it was a pivotal moment in how we view our lives. We’ve slowed down significantly, pruned things that needed pruning and attempted to boil down to the vital parts of life. It’s been a beautiful process! Not without challenges Continue reading “Looking back at 2018”

Thoughts on a Wednesday

Oh Fall, you have finally made your debut. And here we are, burrowing indoors, concocting and doctoring soups and stews, gobbling apples from the backyard (as long as we beat the birds to them!), making every sunset an event, snapping pumpkin portraits with only the most impeccable lighting, chattering incessantly about the weather changing (somebody stop me!) and writing too, everything and anything. Continue reading “Thoughts on a Wednesday”

Mother’s Day notes

I am full in my heart today. Full of bacon, sweet memories, taking my time to wake up and only hiding in the bathroom once. Full with the wonder of each day with children, their new rush of energy and joy in the mornings, their purity, perspective, half-eaten meals, dirty fingernails, thousand-watt smiles and many injuries (them and us). Continue reading “Mother’s Day notes”

Late night essay

Arm asleep, drool on shoulder. Snotty, congested breaths, chests rise and fall. Various limbs nestled tightly with mine, comforted in the closeness. All other beds in the house emptied in the span of a few sleepless hours over a tearful bargain for ours. A haggle often lost by us, I’m sure the record is staggering. Such is the predicament of the midnight hours with our sick children. Continue reading “Late night essay”

New platform, new look


Welp! This may not be as exciting to you as it is to me, but I’ve officially switched to WordPress. I had toyed with the idea of navigating away from Blogger for a long while now, and finally took the leap. So far, I love it! It feels so fresh to log-in here.

I looked primarily at WordPress and Squarespace; this seemed to fit my blogging hopes and needs best. I also love theĀ minimalist look. So goodbye to dear old Blogger. I will not miss signing out of our four or five Google sign-ons just to log into my home page. Though, there’sĀ something about theĀ orange and white “B” logo I’ll miss. The nostalgia of sharing my thoughts and photos (of the utmost terrible quality) for the first time.

While I cringed as I imported my old posts here, it was such a wonderful thing, to brazenly post about all sorts of topics I assumed I was some sort of anĀ authority on. Many didn’t survive (you’re welcome). The postsĀ that do stayĀ in my archives remain becauseĀ I foundĀ someĀ satisfaction in them. Like peering through an old frame of my feelings, mindsets and emotions gone by.

Lest you worry,Ā there are quite a few left that still make me cringe!

Blogging is my way to say.. I love you

You know you have an almost two-year-old when you have Daniel Tiger songs stuck in your head, even at 10:30pm at night. So when blogger asks what you want to call your post, you resort to the song that’s been stuck in your head since 7:15am!

I feel so February this month–a little unforeseen sun, a little foggy, sorta introspective, stressy at times, glued to HGTV dvr .. you know .. Februaryish stuff šŸ™‚ We’re in the middle of a lot of life changes and I’m pretty sure we’ve hit our max on “things you’re not supposed to do when you have a baby” .. but who likes those rules anyhow? Continue reading “Blogging is my way to say.. I love you”