Summer workout

I’ve been eyeing the Ascics for a long time! Truthfully, I’ve been in need of some new running shoes since 2007, and my last run along the beach at Seacliff proved it (sore calves from the impact- ouch!). One of my other favorite necessities is my Burnout sunscreen; it’s the only sunscreen I’ve found that let’s me tan safely (it’s SPF 32!). 
What are your workout necessities?

Mother’s day

Thank you mother for faithfully reading our blog, but you’ll have to advert your eyes today, this is some classified information! Seriously, mom. No kidding around right now! So while I can’t get her all this stuff {that there ring is a cool $1200!}, this is my little inspiration board for the kind of things she likes! I usually go with my mom’s fave’s, so that usually means a meal together somewhere with an ocean view. Her style is very laid-back, artisan, gadget-y {kindle cover} and a hint of tropical.

What does your mom love?