Roaring camp

I’ve been a little on the brink of a cold, so I’m extremely thankful for James taking the kiddos for breakfast as I snoozed the morning away. Once we mustered our crew together, we drove up to Roaring Camp! It’s a nearby spot that takes you on a steam engine train, similar to that of a logging train from the 1800s.

We caught the two o’clock ride. It’s a jolty open air train that creeps and crawls into the Big Basin forest in Felton, surrounding you with fresh air, Redwood groves and flashes of warm sunshine when it can reach you. Continue reading “Roaring camp”

Carmel adventures

This was a sweet day last month that I hadn’t gotten around to logging, but the kids and I were looking for a easy access beach to frolic on and came across this one in Carmel, which is about a 45 minute drive from us. We had the sweetest drive around the winding ocean front road, peering at all the driveways with “race cars” lined up in them (see: fancy houses) and either singing or chatting away. Kate loved playing with the sand but locked up every time she had to walk on it, so I found myself carrying Emma in her car seat and Kate (i had my fair share of sweaty moments).

Being on the beach with the kids is so nostalgic for me. Most weekends as a child from early spring to early fall each year were spent walking the railroad tracks with my mom to play at the beach. I look back and imagine that’s where she got a good amount of her reading done. Balancing on the long railroad beams or skipping from wood step to wood step, trying not to get rocks in my sandals as we went. Setting up camp, arranging all my sand toys and then running back and forth with a bucket between the waves and my little world I’d created, adding water to my moats or baked creations.

Mostly, the kids ran around playing race cars and scooping up the fine white sands in their little hands, asking me to chase them every few minutes. We made it back to the car, poured out half the beach at our feet and moseyed home, stopping for a much needed coffee and trip to the farm stand.

Gilroy gardens

This day happened awhile back now but we had the best time with the kids and so I didn’t want to neglect writing it down. We love Gilroy gardens! This was the first time Kate has been able to enjoy rides and the magic of it all. Huge mushrooms, spinning garlic cloves and apple-and-worm themed rides make this place a pretty thrilling vegetable garden, ha. Continue reading “Gilroy gardens”

Oregon road trip!

Earlier this month, we spent time with friends in Central Oregon (Bend!). I was terrible at documenting this trip, which I blame on being 35/36 weeks pregnant at the time.. But it wasn’t for lack of being photogenic, Oregon is beautiful! And friendly! It’s about a nine hour drive from us with some really dramatic Continue reading “Oregon road trip!”

Day trip to the North Coast


Over the Thanksgiving break, we wandered our way up the salty, steep, winding coast with extra layers, blankets and plenty of fruit, yogurt and peanut butter and jellies to feed a small preschool. We have always loved the peace of a long picturesque drive to think or chat while children stare, chatter and hopefully sleep. Luke was discussing with James how he’d remembered listening to the Jack Johnson song before (“I remembered that one, daddy!”) while I tried to recollect the last time I’d been to the various farms, beaches and trails flying by on either side of the highway. Continue reading “Day trip to the North Coast”


This last week, we spent the day in Carmel with James mom (Luke’s grandma!) and godmother who were visiting from Southern California. We went out for lunch and then walked all over the quaint little Carmel (along with every tourist in town apparently!!). Even with the crowds, it was so special to catch up and for Luke to get some loving from his family.

Continue reading “Carmel-by-the-sea”

Out on the farm

A few weeks ago, we headed up to our favorite farm to pick strawberries and picnic with the rest of the people we live on our campus with. It was foggy, as it is in our town, but it was pleasant, because company outweighs weather in my opinion! I don’t “get out” into too much nature, but considering the nature I do get myself into, fields of fruit seem to be at the top of the list. 
I love being “away” with other people in an environment we don’t usually exist in together, and how many different aspects we discover about each other. Figuring out that some like to frolic, some are meandering explorers, slowly discovering each and every little interesting thing on the way. My son, for example, is just tickled to be outside staring up at the big blue sky or trees, laid out on a blanket. Can’t wait to stare at the stars with this little man.. Maybe he’ll be the one who convinces James and I to truly, madly, deeply go camping one day (yikes).
Where do you love to explore??