Luke 28/52


a photograph of luke, once a week, every week in 2014.
week 28: we are seeing little man’s personality way more these days. giggling (well..high pitched little screeches), watching conversations so intensely, wanting to be held way more. he’s our little joy and burst of energy! i’m pretty sure he’s constantly moving. i’m already getting ready for the running shoes once his feet hit the ground 😉



luke at two months:
+still smiling all the time (yay!)
+now cooing, gurgling and early signs of his laugh 🙂
+sleeping from his 10pm feeding all the way til 6-7am depending on day! fist bump baby boy.
+likes to sleep unswaddled from time to time but still prefers being all smooshed to sleep
+happily sleeps in his crib, our arms, his bassinet and the like
+starting to look way more like daddy in his eyes and cheeks
+hair seems to be getting a little lighter on top, looking reddish-brown
+getting to be a better communicator! and we’re really learning his cries
+cutest underlip shudder when something is not to his liking**
+so so so content!!
**funny story: the other night, james and i yawned simultaneously while luke was on my lap. it must’ve hit him the wrong way because his bottom lip curled over the top and he stared at us with the saddest face for a moment and then let out a faint, sad but sweet little cry. heart wrenching-make-you-never-want-to-yawn-again! hope he gets used to those yawns fast though..they’re not going anywhere soon 😉

Luke 20/52

a photograph of luke, once a week, every week in 2014.
week 20: captured this after waking him up from a morning nap. there are about fifty in the same series. he stares straight at the camera because it’s so huge and foreign (at this point) so i can get some pretty fun, straight on shots. i could gaze into those little eyes all day. my sweet little 7 week old.

Luke 18/52

I decided to do the 52 project! The goal is that everyone takes a photograph of their child/children once a week, every week, for a whole year. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t ever have enough pictures of our little man! Just capturing the memories and firsts alone is a job itself because something new happens everyday!—but I’m looking forward to being able to look back and see how he’s changed, grown, become cuter, etc.

So here we go—with week 17, we begin (is it illegal to post two?:). In the first picture, you’ll see little boy has been discovering his hands so he either swats his pacifier out of his mouth or somehow holds it in (he loves those things!). Luke will be 6 weeks old tomorrow already. He is alert as ever (bottom photo), discovering patterns, colors, noises, music, stripes, etc. Case in point—those big eyes staring at my flowery iPhone case 🙂



Month one

This is all a big smattering of thoughts because I never fully understood what you all meant when you said you had “baby brain.” If I’d only understood, I would’ve bought you breakfast and cleaned your house and not asked you any questions about anything except if you want fries with the burger I will bring you for dinner tomorrow. How long does it last mamas? Is this a forever thing? Baby brain is so real in me right now, but let’s give this post a try anyways!

So yesterday was Luke’s one month birthday.. shocking!! I cannot believe how quickly time passes. A month in my “former” life (Life before little one!) flew by like it was just another month. In his life though, every moment is new—learning about this world he’s just joined and the sleeping, eating, pooping, rocking, sniffling, crying, smiling (yup, he’s smiling!) and what the heck is up with these huge faces staring at him all day 🙂 A month is a very big thing!

I’ve written little letters to Luke about once a week to just document what he did that day or how i’m feeling or what we love about him, etc. I don’t have a typical baby book but I feel like this will do just fine for our little man. I asked James if he had a baby book and he looked at me like a crazy person (I’m sure he did :). I, on the other hand, love mine and have looked through it multiple times since we’ve been home from the hospital, but I suppose letters will do for now.

Which reminds me.. I’m looking forward to writing out what birth looked like for me (for us). I ended up having an emergency c-section and recovery has been extremely different than what I ever expected. I planned for everything (or so I thought) but I didn’t plan for an emergency, much less the c-section. But the part of the plan that was most important is that Luke came into this world healthy, and that was very much the case (thank you lord!). I’ve written it out for myself but would love to share. While I believe that birth is private and personal, I’ve gained so much from all the stories out there (yours, maybe!) and just can’t imagine keeping all of it to myself! Life is truly a miracle and I can’t wait to share that.

Well. Since it would be very un-blogger-mommy of me to neglect a monthly update of our little man, let’s do this thing! I am excited at the prospect of looking back in a year on the many things that happen month-by-month, let alone just the physical changes (yes, we’re waiting on those chubby rolls to develop!!). Happy one month little man, you are our treasure.

luke at one month:
+ somewhere in the 8 lbs range now!
+called a dreambaby primarily by auntie priska
+has serious fomo (he will fight to be awake with every muscle)
+already longer and no longer fitting in a few of his trusty newborn clothes
+but still swimming in a few of the 0-3 🙂
+ smiling at us often
+biggest smiles last night after his 4am feed for both of us (amazing!)
+loves the carrier, sleeping on us, falling asleep on mama after his 7am feeding
+everyone says he looks like “us” but really looks like “luke” (we love this!)
+has a mohawk, which daddy loves to style (hence, baby brush in the diaper bag)
+has a cry in which the bottom lip shivers. it is heartbreaking really..
+and the most important thing, is already loved by
so many in our lives, nothing more special than that

Hello sweet Luke

on march 24, 2014, we welcomed our little baby boy luke mastrianna into our family! he was born here in santa cruz and weighed in at 6 lbs, 9 oz, 20 1/2 inches long. we are so in love! i didn’t realize how quickly that love rushes in! ..i also didn’t realize how quickly those diapers get filled with poop 😉

we are all recovering well and adjusting to life with luke here at home. of course, we are also barely sleeping (wish i would’ve heeded that advice more vigilantly!) but in our tired stupor, we can’t believe how much joy his life brings us already. can’t wait to share more!

Luke’s nursery

i’ve posted a few pics of luke’s room on instagram but thought i’d some of it all here too. there are many finishing touches i’m still hoping to make, but heck if i’m making another ikea run at this point 🙂 i’ve been drawn to blues, greens, greys, neutrals and natural fibers for the room.. i’m hoping for a large area rug and wall art bring the extra pop i’m craving. we’re looking for a luscious rug (i like this one, this onethis one at the moment).

we’ve also many a picture to hang. i’m still toying around with the wall (above the crib area). i’ve got a few pieces to hang already (some paintings i love love love below by my mom!), but still figuring out what to do with the rest of it. the wall is so huge (huge i say!) and i’ve still got to figure out how i want to shelve/arrange/etc the whole thing. suggestions welcome (right now it’s grey)!

  a mix of handmade blankets and a quilt from land of nod that i love! and cute little animals below 🙂
these baskets are all over his room, for blankets, laundry, toys, etc. love them!
from a friend, not real but still hugely thoughtful as james looooves the dodgers
and the paintings by my maja. love them! i gave her a few watercolor pieces i saw as a start place (from restoration hardware i think..) with animals walking in one direction. but she took it and ran and made it way better! i love that it’s fully her style (i’d recognize it anywhere!) and her personalization. super special. she had them framed and matted to boot. love it. nothing really tops those personal touches in my opinion.
ok luke…come fill your little room with all your sweet baby smells** and cries and giggles already!
**well…the not-so-sweet baby smells too, but i won’t put that in large text. because i’ve officially mentioned all the passing of the bodily functions in my last three posts. lucky you.