Mini pumpkin pies

The kids and I made these cuties for Luke’s class thanksgiving party which happened this morning. I love how they came out but truth be told, I have such an intimidation factor with pies! I also don’t have the best baking/cooking with kids track record. Room to grow people, room to grow 🙂 Thus is a great one with little hands that want to help. Continue reading “Mini pumpkin pies”

Simply Deicious Avocado Toast

Avocado season is back! At least, they’re not four bucks a pop for now, ha. The welcoming of Spring-like weather somehow helps my fruit and veggie cravings grow. And that strong desire for cozy baked winter dishes like buttered, maple drenched pancakes or cheesy, sausage and kale quiche (you know, just general cravings, right?) are suddenly exchanged with cravings for fresh, crunchy, green with delicious ripe fruit! Avocado is the perfect in between with it’s fresh flavor Continue reading “Simply Deicious Avocado Toast”

How to Involve Toddlers in Mealtime Prep

Mealtimes can be a marathon with small children, especially anyone under five (which is 100 percent of our kids at this current moment, ha). Our two oldest are coming to the age where they can are readily helpful around mealtime, and are interested in doing it! I love to have their help in the kitchen; they are some of the sweetest moments. They are Continue reading “How to Involve Toddlers in Mealtime Prep”

10 Healthy Kids Snacks

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Snacks. Quite the dangerous subject in our home. We find that we prefer less snacking in general, as they seem to lead to barely touched dinners. I usually aim to feed the kids the most in the earlier parts of the day but sometimes their appetites object and we find ourselves scavenging for an afternoon snack.

And they are an especially integral part of days that aren’t as routine! Days spent out and about exploring, taking an extra long walk, searching out a new museum or passing time at an appointment. Continue reading “10 Healthy Kids Snacks”

Chicken soup from scratch

I haven’t been feeling the best so I’ve been cooking up a lot of comforting, savory soups and broths. I love the rich taste of a broth from scratch, flavors are so much more distinguishable—the mirepoix, turmeric, onion, garlic, and tender chunks of chicken. They truly don’t take too much time or attention, which is helpful for a sometimes distracted chef like myself. Continue reading “Chicken soup from scratch”

Zopf on Thursday

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The weather has been a bit colder in the days following Christmas and it’s just felt perfectly agreeable to make things, even after the cookie extravaganza of 2018 (I think I’ve been baking daily for like two weeks now!). This recipe is one I’ve used over the years for Swiss Sunday bread, Zopf, or Züpfe in some regions (or so I hear!). Continue reading “Zopf on Thursday”

Baking and making, a list

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Five seasonal-ish recipes that I’m really enjoying as of late:

1) Morning glory muffins, hold me back! These muffins are an ode to a muffin that I’ve loved for years (this all sounds very odd..) which is the California muffin from Kelly’s here in town (a carrot apple masterpiece really). So I’ve been toying with this recipe and it is also (I won’t say equally, but certainly also!) very delicious. Continue reading “Baking and making, a list”

The very best chocolate chip cookies

The very best chocolate chip cookies | mrscaseyannThis is my absolute favorite cookie recipe. This is originally from here, but i’ve tweaked it just a bit. I cannot tell you ENOUGH how much amazing feedback I get on these. I can eat so many of them, it’s shameful, or impressive? But every school function, community event, bridal/baby shower, family party, YOU NAME IT, somebody is going to tell me that these cookies are their fave. And let me tell you, it’s not in the skill, this is all recipe.

To describe, they’re flavored perfectly, the right consistency of baked well on top and just enough soft inside. They have crunch in their nut, chips, raw sugar, sea salt mixture and there are so many leftovers.. somebody THOUGHT this through. So if you’re looking for a recipe to try, look no further, it’s a family heirloom now. Note, I never use a mixer on these anymore but did for years. It takes some muscle but I love them by hand the most. Continue reading “The very best chocolate chip cookies”