Pregnancy musings

Check one, check two, anybody listening? 🙂 Hellloooooo! Needless to say it’s been awhile! I have really fallen behind in posting. Do you ever feel like one measly picture seems like too big of an undertaking some days? That’s most of the time for me, oof. Summer flew by, from youth camp to beach days, kids camp to vacation—and in June, just as we had decided we were open to the idea of having another baby, lo-and-behold we discovered we were 11 weeks pregnant, ooh baby! We are absolutely thrilled 🙂 We are 25 weeks along and 26 tomorrow.

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Pregnancy beauty lifesavers

img_6656I truly have loved being pregnant, and in the practice of not complaining about it, i thought i’d share some of the lifesavers that have made it a little easier on us all (yes, us!). And, I was totally inspired by miss Katie! In general, I’m a very au naturale sort of person, I do not have a large amount of beauty products in my cabinets—I think i could live with one or two if i was forced! Thankfully i don’t have to!



1. Burts Bees oil: this one gets to go first because i’m absolutely addicted to this stuff. the smell is delicious and not overbearing, it’s not a heavy product so the oil soaks in nicely without leaving a funky layer on. i use it on my hands, belly, feet and cuticles too!

2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion: my favorite face lotion. i use it all over and it’s even gentle enough to use as makeup remover (on the eyes too). there’s no strong scent and no funny residue.

3. Origins grapefruit body souffle: a wonderful family member always sets me up with the origins’ gift packs  each christmastime and this lotion continues to blow me away. it’s really like a souffle, soft, silky, light but with a gentle, wonderful scent. a little pricey so once i run out, i’m back on the aveeno bandwagon, but meanwhile, this stuff is where it’s at!

4. Aromatherapy sugar scrub: i am a sugar scrub gal. i have tried them all. salt scrub, bead scrubs, seed scrubs and sugar. i have finally landed with sugar. and after spending many a dollar on brands i thought would blow my world, the one that continues to win in the end is from bath & body works, believe it or not! i love the vanilla lavender combo and it scrubs nicely and always leaves me moisturized. i use this on my arms, elbows, belly (for now) and my legs after i shave (it’s a dream i tell you). for the record, in my opinion, this scrub tops (and i’ve tried all of these): sabon, origins, the body shop, alba, st. ives and burts. yup!

5. Aloe Gator lip balm: i’ve been using this brand of lip balm since i was 14 (so about 13 years now! how’s that for brand loyalty?!). it’s extreeeemely moisturizing meaning you don’t have to coat it on over-and-over on your lips (but not waxy), just a few quick swipes and you’re set. the tropical scents are in-credible, but the rest are as well. they really win in the scent department. oh yes, and spf. win.

6. Neosporin! to me, neosporin is like the duct-tape of the beauty/medical world! i use it for everything! and the pain relief edition..even better. hang nail? neosporin. blemish? neosporin. cut? neosporin. dry patch? neosporin. it’s like a cross between my favorite facial lotion and vaseline, but heals things up quickly. i don’t know what i’d do without my multiple tubes of it.

What are some of your beauty lifesavers?

The home stretch!

i’ve been calling these last many weeks of pregnancy the “home stretch” for quite awhile now, and little did i know i should have been reserving it for this last few days we’ve had!

<< this was 38 weeks and yes, i’m still wearing the same outfit 🙂

we are now one week overdue and i’m feeling all the emotions of everything that entails. james and i have resorted to laughing out loud at certain reactions of mine (he waits for my cue, of course) or he kindly says sorry to things he had nothing to do with in the first place.

ie the water i spilled all over the belly today (weeping!), deciding where to put the trail mix in the pantry, and i’m pretty sure i dropped something in the middle of a contraction which was, in the moment, crushing. he apologized for that too.

gosh it’s pathetic.

am i busy? i’m keeping pah-lenty busy, filling my time with turkey sandwiches (yeah, that’s right rules of pregnancy.. lunchmeat!). i’ve reorganizing all of luke’s baby stuff multiple times. it’s been “set up” for a few weeks now, but i keep finding ways to un-set it up and do it all over again.

something that i totally love is i’ve been able to be part of all the church/ministry life i’m not usually around for (because of work). then there’s a lot of peeing. and we’re on a jerry kick again. we have fully caught up on comedians in cars getting coffee, countless seinfeld episodes and much of jerry’s early standup material on youtube. we love jerry.

so for all who are interested in the centimeter stuff.. not that it should or needs to be interesting to you :)… but you know, for those who, like me, just like to read and learn about all the billions of pregnant women’s stories and experiences, blah blah blah. i’ve been 3cm for almost a week, and was 2cm for a week or more before that. progress! we did more tests this week and he is as healthy as could be, normal movement, great heart rate, still in launch position etc. which is all we really cared about. my blood pressure is even better than ever! now it’s never been bad, but i just have some weird stress-ball-ness when seeing my doctor (any doctor) and sweet nurse jackie has learned my ways and waits til the end of the appointment to take my vitals so i can chill out a little. say it with me now: high maintenance 🙂

based on all the conversations i’ve had with other moms who went two and three weeks overdue, i’m guessing i’m a little wimpy in the patience department.  we are only one week overdue at this point and if he’s still hanging out, we induce on monday the 24th, which will be the ten days past. which means hello light at end of the tunnel!! man. i have major respect for this whole process, every step has been such a miracle. and we just can’t wait to meet our little end result.

32 weeks bumpdate

hello! so i haven’t really done a whole lotta baby bump updates on all in fact! besides personally jotting things down here and there or sharing with friends who’ve ask or the occasional instagram photo (here, here).
so little boy, thirty-two weeks old in my tummy, let’s share 🙂 here i am we are right now:
can i just say that it’s been really hard for me to enjoy bump pictures?! don’t take this the wrong way, i loooove how my body has had to change/adapt/stretch to accommodate our little baby, he’s truly a miracle!
but when one feels large as life (or ‘enormo‘ like one friend said—so spot on!), one doesn’t necessarily love to pose for a picture. so maybe that’s just me, but i am pressing through friends! i will try to document more, no matter how puffy eyed and blobby i feel.
and thank you to my husband who has documented to the tune of ‘no please‘ and ‘babe really‘ and ‘i will cut you’ (ok i didn’t say that except with my eyes) for the last few months. he is a champ. post to come with all those winning photos, but really i should, because they’re ridiculous and pouty but in the way that you need to share with members of the general public.
so a few notes on how we’re doing over here?
+) truly so well taken care of, so many people are blessing us with things left and right!
+) i’m hungry for: oranges, grapes, apples, water, bagels
+) childbirth class is: slightly terrifying but also somewhat reassuring
+) most active: in the morning, in bed at night or after a long day when i finally plop on the couch
+) sleep is: a precious, precious commodity at the moment!
+) fun fact: my mom told me they had a waterbed when she was pregnant with me, the horror!
+) i would’ve popped that thing so fast.
we also took a tour of the hospital a few weeks ago and saw 29 week old twins in the nicu, which was absolutely incredible. these little babies with little heads the size of a tennis ball were alive and well in their little tanning bed. we couldn’t believe that our baby was already bigger than those two. it’s incredible.
wow baby! here we go little dude!

The first trimester

hey thanks friends for the sweet messages about our coming baby! it’s been so fun announcing to all the different circles little by little, best part of this all is getting to share it with so many. so for some of you this post may be tmi (not in a gross way, just in a tmi way.. don’t worry, those bits i left for my peehhhsonal journal, eek, child growing is a weird process.) but i did want to give a peek into what my experience has been so far. this all began in july so i’d take down a couple notes each day at first, which turned into each week, which turned into yada yada yada. here are some things i experienced week by week in the first trimester of growing the offspring that is our wee little one 🙂

world, meet my womb and baby.


week six

monday july 24 so we kinda weren’t sure if we were truly pregnant at this point, since you sorta just have to wait for that first appointment after getting the positive test and all 🙂 does everybody know that?! we didn’t.. so up to youth camp we went (you know the kind, all of us stuffed into cabins nearly five flights of stairs up at an already high elevation). james encourages me to be kind to my body and has a camp intern take me in the cart every time we go up (so sweet of her). i’m already so tired!
week seven
sunday july 28 what’s this talk of morning sickness? i am 24 hr nauseous. i guess a good sign for us 🙂 went to someone’s baby shower and pinned more ideas in my mind. my pinterest board is a well watered garden these days 🙂
thursday august 1: all i want is sushi so bad. i just crave it and it’s one of the main no-no’s (except in more educated countries like japan apparently..)! nothing else sounds good. we went to mobo + i ordered some cooked sushi. i feel nauseous all day long however i get hungry bouts and will take on a normal sized meal to find myself with an instant overly full feeling. still figuring out how to gauge how much to eat and when. tricky! haven’t thrown up thank the lord above.
week eight
friday august 2: insomnia. woke up to pee at two am and never went back to sleep. after i got over my frustration, laid awake thinking of where the crib will go and if we have enough wall art. tried so hard but didn’t fall back asleep. called in sick and laid in bed all the day long delirious and happy to rest.
thursday august 8: our first doctor appointment!! we have a real baby in there! our baby is real 🙂 it felt like we were making it all up really, and then boom! there it is, heart beating voraciously and not just on a screen but inside of me. bizarre and wonderful. we loved our doctor and had a great conversation with her about all the things we’re supposed to think about next. not stressed though, she was so un-stressful! then came the blood drawing thing and oh, that just sucks.
week nine
monday august 12: we began to tell some immediate family. so fun to hear their reactions and how special it is in different ways for each person. still feeling nauseous but moments like that take my mind off it all! can’t wait to share this little life with the rest of our loved ones!
tuesday august 13: just say no to onion rings. the sight of them sickens me. blech.
week ten
monday august 19: first little window of relief to my nausea. it’s much lighter!! my fatigue is still around and i think i’ve slept so many more hours than ever. looking forward to vacation one week from today when i can sleep my heart out, oooh baby yes. tired. so tired.

week twelve

friday, august 23: another doctor’s appointment. i was driving like a sassysquatch on the way to the appointment and to my husband’s dismay, he decided to remind me not to. i had a little fit in the car and don’t know why i wasn’t shocked when my blood pressure was supah high. my husband kindly asked if our argument in the car had anything to do with it. lucky for us all, i thought that was hilarious (it really was!). they took my blood pressure again and it was completely normal. crazy how responsive our bodies are in moments like that. note to self: chill already!!

wednesday august 28: left for hawaii on monday and here til sunday! paradise. baby is really happy here, but didn’t like when i went on a run and then walked too far (i feel like a complete wimp nowadays). paradise is oh so nice, we should stay.

week fourteen

sunday september 15: nausea is really beginning to taper off, along with my every day journaling. but lots of gag reflexes at the moment: chocolate, pizza, the smell of the floor (!?), the smell of robutussin, thinking about the smells that are smelly, the smell of old food or garbage. i think i’m at the edge of starting to show but still think i just look bloated and wide, funnn 🙂

next trimester coming soon, we’re in week 18 right now so plennnnnty to go!