Two years

A month late .. My big boy is now two!! His tiny two years feel like they’ve packed in an eternity of memories.. laughter, joy, cuddles, late nights, early mornings, stuffy noses, dirty feet, lost patience and intense love! Two years feels small, but with Kate here to remind us how little he once was, two feels like a grown tiny man.

I get glimpses of who he is growing to be and who he is meant to become (just glimpses, people! that sounded a bit grand..). Right now, I feel like I’m learning how to better pinpoint the things that are in his heart and giving him a platform to discover those things. The most fun part of what I’m discovering about him, though, is that he is a good friend. I love going to the store, or walks, just us.

A few things about our two year old..

We joke all the time that he’s going to grow up to be a park ranger. This kid loves nature and being outside.

For whatever reason, he has picked up on being polite. He reminds me to say “you’re welcome” and “thank you” when I forget. He also says inserts them at weird places in our conversations, which is entertaining.

My mom’s dog Maverick is pretty much his best friend. They are so cute together.

Loves music and every musical instrument, with drums coming in first, followed by guitar, ukelele and harmonica. His singing face is pictured above.

Skateboarding, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, soccer, basketball, football, baseball. All. of. it.

He also makes friends with the most interesting characters. People we would not necessarily encourage him to smile and wave at (disgruntled teenagers seem to be his fave).

Love you little man.


I cannot believe that we are already halfway through this year of being ONE! Months?? We don’t even reference these things anymore! He is a one-and-a-half year old, and saying that means plenty to most people we talk with 🙂 Here are a few things I’m loving about our one-and-a-half year old..

+Loves books, bikes and music so so much (you’ve got moves kid..)
+A really good listener and when we instruct him, his eyes get as big as saucers.. sometimes I bust up laughing!
+Luke is my protector! If James teases me or tickles me, he’ll totally get aggressive with him 🙂 We have to help him so he knows it’s not okay to attack daddy 😉
+Mornings are the best, even though I don’t love the wake up calls, waking up to “mama mama mama mama” in a cute voice, definitely helps
+Huge sense of humor.. it’s so hilarious to discover what he thinks is funny. Specifically “yucky” or words said with an accent are winners 🙂
+We went through a phase of too many “no’s” in his everyday talk, so we practiced “no thank you” and “no please” to give him a response if he really wants to say “no” and his version is adorable. He does it in the softest, sweetest voice. I’ve never been so happy to hear a polite no!
+Loves the beach and our walks.. really anything to do with water. He cries when we leave and when bathtime is over.
+He also cries when it’s time to be done playing basketball. Although those are full on breakdowns.

Overall, we feel so blessed with a child who truly desires to listen to us and learn. He has his days, and we have ours. I feel like there have been plenty of mistakes I’ve made in this short year and half. Times when I’ve corrected him too harshly, and only known because of his little face staring back in confusion and sadness. Those are the times I am humbled (and then use baby sign language and words to apologize.. don’t think he quite gets it yet, so big hugs and kisses suffice:). Then there are times I am totally floored at his defiance, in the middle of the line at Costco with a hundred things in our cart, yippeeeee 🙂

But giggles on our bed at the end of the day cover those other humbling moments. Spitty kisses out of the blue when we’re sitting together, hands grabbing my face and everything. Sad moments when only the love of James or I have the ability to put him at peace. Listening to the monitor at night and Luke saying “mama” and “dada” in his dreams 🙂 Those certainly outshine it all. I never thought of this with all of these parenting moments but love really covers all the things we mess up, the Bible don’t lie.. For all our faults personally as parents, we get overwhelmed in the love of this adventure. Luke shows us a whole lot of love we don’t deserve, and I hope that I am doing the same. We love you our little one-and-a-half year old!

We’ve got a one year old on our hands!

luke is a one year old!

i’ve missed quite a few updates for luke over these last couple months, so now that he is one year old, i couldn’t resist 🙂 on his birthday, we had some friends together after dinner and he had his first cupcake. he’s since had some bites of cake here and there, and it’s safe to say he loves it! we weren’t worried, that’s for sure. then, this last weekend, we dedicated him in front of our friends and family at church. i can’t believe how quickly one year has come and gone! here are a few things that luke is doing at one year old:

+saying “dada” and “mama” and “nigh-nigh” and a handful of other words!

+loves to eat.. no joke. he will eat anything.. i honestly have not come across a food he won’t eat

+his favorites though: cuties, bananas, avocado, sprouted grain toast, carrot cake, beans & cheese

+walking, running, everything (since 9 months). we are constantly on the move to chase him down!

+sleep was great and now it’s meh. we had a month of sickness so we may have to do some work to get back to the long chunks of wonderful sleep (but he’ll go from 7pm to 5am, sometimes even 7am on the most incredible of nights. but since the sickness, we’re all over the place—lord, bring back the sleep!)

+one morning nap and one afternoon nap (woohoo!)

+he’s indifferent to the bath at this current moment

+starting to have some light light blondie patches coming in, with a cute little ginger hue

+was dedicated this last weekend before his friends and family!

+still loving electronics. can’t get enough of basketballs, soccer balls and footballs!!

+curious as can be and loves to explore outside

+will start joining koast kids (daycare) at our church for a morning or so pretty soon here

+makes friends wherever he goes, and is happiest when mommy and daddy are in the same room with him. if one of us is gone for a little bit, he starts to get needy for that one. his happiest is all of us together (cute!)

+has a great net of aunties, uncles, grandmas and loved ones in his life

+we love this little bright light of a boy!!

My Halloween bear cub

We did a very low-key Halloween this year, and had fun browsing around our church’s fall festival with Luke dressed is the coziest little bear suit (Pottery Barn baby has the cutest costumes!).
He sort of just stared at all the hubbub most of the night and had fun chewing and spitting on whatever string was in sight. He’s already pretty cuddly, so my favorite part of the night was cuddling him in the softest little costume. After everything died down, we ran out in the rain to the car and little man fell fast asleep as we drove home in the most perfect autumn rainfall.

The wonderful world of FOOD..

Our little man is now eating SOLIDS. Well.. they’re not really solid at all, but whatever the case, this six month old loves them. We kinda dragged our feet about feeding him because it just felt like a big leap into the next part of babyhood (diapers included..).

I kept making it this huge thing where I needed a bunch of time to make it all, freeze it all and so on. So to fend off the procrastination, I finally went to Whole Foods and picked up a few jars to get us started. So here we are! Feeding Luke real food like blubbering crazy people.. But thankfully he loves it and we can get on board with that! Oh parenthood.. 🙂





My little man crush Monday. I’m taking a break to look at a few pictures while Luke is sick with a cold and there are about a thousand things to complete before the end of this day—and he just looked at me and let out a big one 🙂 So I best be back to it. Hope you all are enjoying your Monday!

Happy SIX months Luke!!

six months!
+now 26 inches and almost 17 pounds, go baby go!
+”ah-da-da” and tons of other sounds and half-words are on the regular over here 🙂
(we officially have a babbler!)
+exclusively nursing still (and it’s great!), but starting solids soon
+almost crawling, which i have no idea if i like that or not! ha! but very good at the booty shake in the air
+sleeps well at night in the “magic sleepsuit” which is truly magic
+prefer long afternoon naps and a morning catnap (that took awhile to hammer down for moi)
+love the pool (at least he did on our very warm vacation)
+still looks like there’s a little ginger going on, but we think it changes all the time
+gets very playful and silly with daddy, especially at the end of the workday and before dinner
+loves remote controls, phones, the camera monitor near the crib
+loves being out in nature and touching plants and water and leaves