Bits and pieces

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Septembers in Santa Cruz are usually lovely. It has felt a little too hot still for my bones but the mornings and evenings are becoming the slightest bit cooler and breezier, a sort of haphazard breeze that throws leaves around in our yard as the sunsets begin a few minutes earlier day by day. Beach traffic slows down and everyone seems to be busy with the buzz of school, activities, studying at a coffee shop, getting home for a game, hauling kids to a soccer game, etc. We are busy with some of these things, but are mainly focused on acclimating to life with a new baby, “our” baby as Luke and Kate say.

While on the topic, this last week was my first full week of taking a whack at our new ‘normal’ after Emma’s arrival. We did an outing to the doctor, I took Luke to preschool, showered a total of three times, washed an absurd amount of clothing, fell asleep on the couch for what felt like hundreds of cat naps. I usually detest cat naps but maybe when your body is in survival mode, it makes do with a ten minute snooze.

The idea of going anywhere with all three has borderline frightened me but little by little, we’re gaining ground! Luke’s little positive self has helped keep perspective for me.. when I asked him how he felt about an outing with the three (and admitted freaked me out), he said it sounds EXCITING. Thankful for three year olds who remind me to relax and have fun (and we did!).

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The other day we went out for a late afternoon soccer sesh and ran around the field (& apparently without making a dent in Luke’s energy level!?). Kate ran back and forth screaming and Luke hoped with every fiber in his being that we would chase him incessantly, and that we did. There are so many teaching moments throughout the day with the ages that they are right now, so there’s nothing that makes me happier than just unbridled laughter with them. I need to remember that.. they definitely don’t have as much trouble as I do!

In other news, I’ve consumed a fair share of Trader Joe’s cookie butter sandwich cookies and dark chocolate toffee (thank you honey). TJ’s definitely has the market for fall treats, perfect for my postpartum body to not return to normal in a timely fashion (dang). 

Also, anybody following Jeopardy these days?? There’s a hilarious fellow winning a BUNCH of money and he must have some crazy photographic memory. He also gives Alex some flack which I love because Alex can be so snooty.

We are deep in Dodger baseball land as of this evening so we’ve got plenty of emotional aides to support us during the games–empathizing family and friends to text, squishy pillows to yell into, and plenty of pizza and popcorn to consume as needed. Go Dodgers!

Emma is one month!

I am so thankful for this sweet girl who, aside from some seriously painful toots over the last few days, has given us a gentle welcome back to newborn phase! A few things about her.. 🙂

She is already almost 10 pounds, yeah! She is an amazing eater! There have been some seriously drop-the-mic bowel movements. 

She is about to squish out of her newborn clothes yeah girl! Also sad. 

Loves her tummy sleeping. 

Loves hearing the voices of her siblings, dad and grandma!

Gave us a few real smiles so far, trying to capture one because those toothless little grins are the tops.

Oregon road trip!

Earlier this month, we spent time with friends in Central Oregon (Bend!). I was terrible at documenting this trip, which I blame on being 35/36 weeks pregnant at the time.. But it wasn’t for lack of being photogenic, Oregon is beautiful! And friendly! It’s about a nine hour drive from us with some really dramatic backdrops, from desert stretches to incredible views of Mount and Lake Shasta; there are some nothingness moments where we started to use our imaginations. We didn’t pull out any shows to watch on the way up and let Luke (Kate too) enjoy the views. We did on our way home, however, because we were feeling our limit of mindless questions 😉

Our friends were the BEST hosts and we loved every bit of what we got to see! Since our two families have kids similar in age, I’m pretty amazed/thankful we only had one Urgent care trip and one throw up moment (all things considered, yikes). It’s amazing how much there is to do for families in Bend—floating on the river, “chucking” rocks into the river as Luke so appropriately called it (no idea who introduced him to that, ha), so much nature, music, coffee, too many breweries to count(!), live music, museums, art and we barely tapped the surface (traveling with kids and pregnant people, cough me, will assist with that I suppose!). We fully intend on going back and seeing more!

A few places we loved!..
Companion Coffee
the High Desert Museum
Jackson’s Corner
Spoken Moto
Megaphone Coffee
Sunriver Resort (we saw an outdoor concert but it seems like there’s tons more to do!)
Deschutes River
Tumalo Creek (such a sweet spot to splash and chuck things!)
Sunriver Brewery
Sparrow Bakery (I think we had their bread, but also a very large ocean roll on the way home mm!)

A post injury smoothie break for the boys 🙂

At the High Desert Museum 🙂

And some silliness to survive the road trip with small people and pregnant people! We had fun 🙂

Five sweet Easter traditions with littles 

5 sweet easter traditions with littles.pngHolidays have taken on a whole new level having kids in the mix. I love seeing how the kids (okay well Luke so far, ha) interpret special occasions and it’s made us think a whole lot more about how we celebrate. Actually, it was still totally special before kids too, I probably was much more rested and possibly (certainly..) better dressed 😉 But as a child rearing, less rested and less well dressed person, this is our new world to explore. Continue reading

Bits and pieces

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Luke and I on a little date earlier this week 🙂


I used to do “bits and pieces” when I first started blogging (in 2011, where’s my cane?! okay okay that’s not THAT long ago now that I think about it..), but I miss doing that so here’s my 2017 take on it. I should add, I physically—almost painfully—cringe when I read some of my blog entries from back then, but then also laugh hysterically because well, that’s all you can do! Continue reading

Day trip to the North Coast


Over the Thanksgiving break, we wandered our way up the salty, steep, winding coast with extra layers, blankets and plenty of fruit, yogurt and peanut butter and jellies to feed a small preschool. We have always loved the peace of a long picturesque drive to think or chat while children stare, chatter and hopefully sleep. Luke was discussing with James how he’d remembered listening to the Jack Johnson song before (“I remembered that one, daddy!”) while I tried to recollect the last time I’d been to the various farms, beaches and trails flying by on either side of the highway. Continue reading


There are quite a few things I could be doing in this moment.. Once the child is down and things settle, it’s easy for me to dive into a spurt of work-related shenanigans (and let’s be honest, get a little lost and come back up for air at 10pm, yikes). But I’ve realized over the last few weeks, that I’m in desperate need of some open brain space and little silly outlets. For some reason, this little thing seemed to do the trick 🙂

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