Confessions of a celebrity’s wife

Sometimes James is like a celebrity…mostly with kids. See? They flock to him, ask for a hug, take a picture with their disposable digital camera or iTouch (yes, I’ve seen it people). He smiles, embraces, and acts like it’s no big deal, while so humble about it the whole time. Babe, you’d be a real good real celebrity; you’d make Tom Hardy look like a doofus. Although, we know that either of us could never think of Tom like that (we couple crush him).
If you or let’s be real people, your kids, want a signed picture, just let me know..

last night

I came home to change for kickboxing to James cleaning the house. When I said I don’t wanna go because I want to stay home and be with you, he said to go and that he would clean the house. So I had to go. It was a horrible night at kickboxing! Well horrible slash awesome. Half the class left early because she made us kick the air so hard. I hate kicking sometimes. But then I remember that I love it.
WELL then I came home to those up there, and a card (the cry kind), and a new candle (the scrumptious-smell kind) and a freshly prepared super healthy (but still delicious) dinner and lots of cuddles. It was so great! We watched a movie and after I fell asleep to this face. And I love that face ohmygoodness soo much. Thank you Lord for my handsome wonderful best friend lovah, I couldn’t have dreamed up a more amazing man to spend the rest of my life with.

xoxo, CM