Tips for a Relaxing Evening at Home

These days, I am especially prone to a relaxing evening at home. If I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch by 7pm, then I am usually looking for a few things to help me wind down, recharge and relax. I am currently forgetful about what it’s like to have energy in the nighttime hours, and usually enjoy being productive or socializing after the sun goes down. Continue reading “Tips for a Relaxing Evening at Home”

At Home in January

Warm white minimal home decor

I have been thinking quite a bit about decluttering this month. The cleaning up of sparkly Christmas decor, the sudden emptiness once things are boxed and away, the start of a new year and of course, the release of the Marie Kondo Netflix series, which I’m sure is filling up most secondhand stores with many items worthy of sparking joy for all society 😉 I’m in the process of Continue reading “At Home in January”

A room for two

It can feel so cliche to address the nesting part of pregnancy, but man, are the feelings strong. It’s like this overwhelming pull to everything in place, mixed with a dash of spring cleaning, Hoarders, what seems like a flea market inside my house, topped off with a sprinkle of Antiques Roadshow, where I momentarily think that my flea market find will actually sell on Craigslist.. Though it rarely does. These are normal goings-ons in my home. Did I mention we live in a like 400 sq. feet of space?? Continue reading “A room for two”

Decking our halls

Christmas has come and graced our walls and halls and floors and shelves and pretty much any space possible with christmas cheer! who knew how far a grocery bag could go?! Thank you grandma for all your Christmas’ve passed on so many wonderful items that help coax people into thinking i have incredible embroidery/sewing skills {i don’t}. you’ll see a couple of her creations below!

Continue reading “Decking our halls”