Luke at three and a half

Nobody told me that three and a half would be the sweetest time ever, most days at least 😉 it truly is! 

Luke amazes me day by day. He has the biggest love for his sisters, he is a rock. He has great patience for them and a genuine love that isn’t feigned, it’s overflowing from him. Every day I discover how much he takes in—he is so smart, so aware, so thoughtful towards people. He has a great sense of humor and is an incredible imitator. He remembers what you say SO well.. too well ha! 

He loves preschool, he really thrives there. When I pick him up and talk through the day with him, there is so much to say. He picks up on every detail. And the lesson material is locked in the vault of his memory! He has the Bible stories on lockdown and loves to cut with kid scissors and tracing. I am so happy he’s loving this experience so far!

He has also just begun to really enjoy engaging his imagination. He loves to play with race cars and imitate his favorite shows (Blaze, Paw Patrol to name a couple). He also loves to get on his bike and pretend to be the gardener, asking me what area of the yard I need taken care of and then vrooooming his blower all around, as loud and spitty as he can 😉

He still gives the best snuggles and I feel as if it’s getting better as he gets bigger. So much tenderness. Before, the boy couldn’t sit still if his life depended on it, so snuggling was nearly impossible. Now that he’s older, he loves to snuggle at night with me. I look forward to it every day. At bedtime, all is right if he can have snuggles, books and talking to God time..

He loves to eat all his fruits and veggies still, and has an on and off relationship with Mexican food and marinara sauce. He’s always up for strawberries, any baked coffee shop treat, açaí bowls, toast, yogurt and any special drink (almond milk, juice, tea with me..). He is very food motivated but I try to keep it as a once and a whole motivator. 

Gosh I love this boy. Love you to the moon and stars and planets Luke (as we always say!).

Kate at 21 months

This darling girl. I have been so terrible at my note taking for these kiddos lately so I’m giving it a good ‘ol college try.. thus, the randomness of the “21 month update” ha. But there’s so much I can say about our sweet, tender, firecracker-y, gorgeous girl. Who is consistent in her ability to make us all laugh. Kate is our little burst of love. Here’s what we’re discovering about her at 21 months 🙂

She is a season of needing a good deal of snuggles, and I’m soaking it up!

More and more words are coming.. her brother talks pretty much all the time (read: without creasing, people!) so I know the amount of language she understands is pretty large, but she’s beginning to be able to communicate her thoughts more and more.

Loves water bottles, water, spilling water and “splashing” and spitting it all over herself, ha. She does not mind being wet!

She loves Emma, truly madly deeply. She loves to squish her nose and hold her and kiss her forehead, head, tummy and back. She is so sweet and explodes with a smile every time Emma wakes up or is around. Such a sweet care-taking-big-sister heart.

I thought she was calling her sister “baby Kate” until the other night, when I realized she says “baby cry” when Emma is unhappy! She also says little things like “it’s ok” to her when she’s upset and makes her voice another octave higher than it already is which is precious.

She loves a show called Blaze and the Monster Machines and has been known to break down we say no, weeping “blazeee” rather uncontrollably. It can drive me a little nuts but I try and remember that it’s pretty hilarious big picture 🙂

She enjoys the thrill of storytelling.. books, people watching, as I mentioned–tv shows, listening to someone’s story. Movie days and book clubs commence!

Loves brushing teeth and washing hands multiple times a day. Loves minty toothpaste. A lot.

We love our baby girl!—who is still, very much, our baby 🙂

Sibling love

IMG_2447.JPGThese pictures make me so happy. I love watching this brother-sister relationship unfold. Oh Luke and Kate. Sometimes they totally play together—sharing, hugs, cuddles, basically the sweetest moments that make you wonder how in the world there’s that much love inside their hearts for one another. Luke loves to hug Kate (we have to help him that he doesn’t yank on her head..) and Kate, well she is the queen of little gentle kisses.

Then. Other days.. Kate hits Luke (who initially laughs) and smacks him until he becomes super upset (not understanding why he’s not laughing anymore), he won’t share his tent with her, they angry grunt at each other during dinner, etc. I would say it’s more sweetness than it is strife, but growing up solo (no full siblings in the house, that is..) as I did, something that’s often on my mind is how to make room for those foundational moments of sibling love.

Their siblings are the first they will learn to love through thick and thin. Things we help them know at this time (I hope) will be signposts and bumpers for future friendships in life. And, most of all, I pray they will find incredibly deep friendship in one another, and hopefully not solely on how nuts mom or dad are 😉 Though, I’m sure that’ll be somewhere in the mix.

Either way, I savor these sweet moments of love (especially if I capture one!)..

First day of preschool!


We have a preschooler! A junior scholar to be exact. We are so excited for Luke’s new adventure .. he is totally ready for this!! But we also had no idea what big balls of emotion it would make us! Geez! And it’s only been one day HA.

We can’t wait to see how he grows through this. I have moments where I think that maybe we should just rethink all this social interaction and branching out stuff so I can harness all his amazing moments and memories for myself. But I know that who he is needs this and it will do him well. Sharing these little people who encapsulate a big part of our world is both hard and wonderful.. watching them grow through it, though, is the most amazing part. So go go go little man!


And baby makes five!


A family of five, that is 🙂 Sooo here we go! Our third small person is on the way. I’ve actually found it a little hilarious to try and figure out unique ways to share each pregnancy. With Luke, we were very choosy and careful about how and when we shared, and unknowingly kinda secretive. I think we just didn’t know what to do in hindsight! With Kate, we were further along when we confirmed everything, so we felt like there wasn’t much to wait on. Continue reading

14 months


Welp. Kate is no longer ONE, she is 14 months! So this has become a 14 months update. I’ll take it. It is such a wonder to me how two little siblings can have so many differences, and at the same time so similar. Genes are a mystery to me. I’m sure I could remedy that but I don’t know if I have the brain-space. So for now, I’m simply in wonder! Continue reading

The kiddos at Christmastime


I’ve been remarkably bad at yearly holiday cards. I trailed off after our first year of marriage, when I burned myself out on wedding invites, thank you’s and of course, the beloved Christmas card. The timing of our wedding thank you’s in conjunction with the Christmas send out was unnecessarily stressful to say the least! I am in awe of families who have a professional shoot, followed up by a beautiful photo cards mass mailing. You, my friends, are on another level and I salute you. Continue reading