This last week, we spent the day in Carmel with James mom (Luke grandma!) and godmother who were visiting from Southern California. We went out for lunch and then walked all over the quaint little Carmel (along with every tourist in town apparently!!). Even with the crowds, it was so special to catch up and for Luke to get some loving from his family.
I love all the sweet nooks and crannies in Carmel.. there’s always a little empty alleyway to discover or sweet French bistro to taste test some croissants in (although I didn’t.. whyy!). And while taking loads and loads of photos, we discovered how much fun it is to be the ones making Luke smile for pictures. In the ones we’ve taken so far with him, it’s always a crazy staredown glare, but when we’re oogling and googling behind the camera, oh it’s just delicious!! 

Little pauses

It’s the moment in between it all. The trash is out, some of the dishes have been put away, yesterday’s mail (bills) have been thumbed through and everyone’s needs are momentarily met. I can lean in close and hear his little breaths ever so quietly and the hum of the fan in the background as I carefully walk out of his room and gingerly close the door.

It’s the peaceful break in all the busyness of his day and mine that’s become so much more treasured than ever before. I can scan and flip through the pages of the book I’m working through, mix a spoonful of sugar into my hot tea and prop my feet up on our coffee table, with mid-morning light strewn on my toes, which are resting on a soft, velvet blanket. Or he’s in the stroller and we’re making our way down our block, which leads down to the water, where we can stroll in the salty air. Or less glamorously like this moment now, where I type away at my laptop voraciously indulging my acai bowl 🙂

I treasure these little pauses. Pauses that are—by no means—ignoring all that there is to do, but with the full understanding of how smart it would be to not take a break, still break wholeheartedly. My maternity leave has not been a vacation (which..who really thinks it will be?!? ..ok maybe me 🙂 but more a block of time where we get to know our baby boy, as well as establish our family—time together, rest together, being fully engaged in the other areas of our life but still running on all cylinders with our family. It’s all such an adjustment and it takes time since we’re discovering things for the first time again.

In all this newness, I find that rest has become more important than before, something not to disregard or leave for later. Something that gives me more opportunity to do things with a sound mind, more motivation and out of bounty rather than a deficit. Do I need to schedule rest? Perhaps I’d hope not to need to, but in this season, I do—and I’m not ashamed of that! I’m mastering my resting skills more than I ever have before and finding the fruit, life and benefit of those little pauses in my day that benefit myself, my family and how I serve God 🙂

Hope you find your little moment of rest today!

**A moment from our first family walk 🙂

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ―John Lubbock

happy mother’s day!

happy mothers day to all of you mamas!!
to my beautiful, lovely, strong, intelligent, brave, wholehearted, caring and generous mama bette, we love you!! you are a joy in our lives and i’m so proud to call you mom and friend 🙂 and to james’ mama rose, you are a burst of life and energy with the most contagious faith and love, we love you!

me and my mom, bette, switzerland, the eighties 🙂

easter sunday + it’s april!

swiss invasion!

over the last few weeks, we’ve had various groups of swiss friends and family visiting us. while we have family in switzerland, we also have quite a few friends from all over the switzerland. and for some reason, they couldn’t keep away from us!! ooor they had a fall holiday and are visiting.
my cousin anna and her friend savo are visiting from bern and are here to r.e.l.a.x. it has been plenty of fun finding ways to do that with them..lunch at the beach, movies, froyo—there was a lot of eating. i love anna’s carefree attitude..she’s so easy to spend time with and has one of the most bubbly laughs ever. i’m so glad you guys are here!
in front of capitola village, this beach—for the most part—has always been a couple steps or blocks away from where i live. i love it here!
their morning beach runs are inspiring..and the view..guuh!
partaking in the ever so american bbq, slaw and garlic bread

yay for swiss fam! we love you!

Family and baseball

A few highlights from celebrating birthdays with the family. They done good by James! Jerky, clothes, GNC, and baseball books. Like, seriously, dang. They know him oh so well already. Family, you guys are the best.
And, I am so. SO. proud to announce that I/we, yes- MOI/we?, was asked to bring a green salad. This is serious stuff people. We chose this one with fresh baby Arugula, red pears, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and pistachios! And hm was it good! 
…But the topper had to be Mitchell’s pumpkin ice cream melting alongside Aunt Ella’s warm Kahlua chocolate bundt cake. YUM.

If you haven’t heard of Mitchell’s til now, you’re late to the party, but you’re fashionably late so check it out NOW!

James is so 90210 right here, I dig babe, I dig.