5 free ways to read online and on your phone


I love the freedom of being able to read on my phone. Conceptually, the idea of having a book in hand is quite wonderful, and maybe when my life slows down and books aren’t vulnerable to my children’s cute, sticky fingers, I shall read, book-in-hand, again. But meanwhile, I need a book to be handy on my phone and available at a moment’s notice for my short 5 minute openings, when my rarely quiet home is eerily and fleetingly silent!

Well, I quickly discovered that too much reading online or in your phone gets expensive! Being a member of your local library Continue reading “5 free ways to read online and on your phone”

5 things from “The Art of Tidying Up”

Copy of two to three littles

This year, we’ve been combing through our belongings and really ridding ourselves if anything unnecessary to our lives. Extra clothing, toys, items in storage, papers, books, etc. I’ve been working at this for a few years now but only in small spurts but continually not feeling like it’s making a big enough dent. So the most recent process has felt promising in the pursuit of not overwhelming our lives Continue reading “5 things from “The Art of Tidying Up””

12 favorite children’s stories

favoritechildrensbooks.pngLuke is really taking in story-time to the fullest right now. Most evenings, we’ll come into the bedroom with a bang. Having conquered dinnertime with it’s endless multitasking–pesto pasta, peel the oranges, fix Kate some cheesy toast, dishes clean, dishes dirty, fill the water, put out the dog, no show, yes show, no chocolate, yes chocolate, etc–and dinner is won. Bravely, we march, or rather wrangle, our way to the bathtub.

Luke is gloriously proud that he can now undress himself without me (as am I!) and put his toys in the bath, plug it up and place the soap carefully on the edge of the tub. Bath time roars on with laughter, cries, scrubbing, rinsing, nearly a thousand questions and then drying, toothbrushing and running the house naked. We take it step by step, then into to the bedroom and the pajama, diaper, lotion, vapor balm wrangling continues until that solemn, perfect moment of flashlights, a stack of books and a dark room full of quiet, under the cover coziness. Continue reading “12 favorite children’s stories”