Quarantine journal

Captain’s log, day 35. I wonder how you all are hanging in there. It’s so funny how we’ve all acquired the same words for this era!—strange, bizarre, odd, are we ‘holding up’ or ‘hanging in’. Well, as much as is possible, we are all of these. It seems like the shelter in place began like a pioneer adventure and we found ourselves eager to test our home-steading (staying..) skills.

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Bits and pieces

We had a very sweet Easter! The kids woke up with James to read the Easter story and then we celebrated, did baskets and enjoyed delicious cinnamon rolls (though, we’ll be doing eggs next year, sugar rush was not something we needed to instigate!). Then we were off to church and it was one of those mornings where you’re pinching yourself Continue reading “Bits and pieces”

Bits and pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’ve been so behind the game this week, our entire family somehow got a terrible stomach flu, within hours of each other and it’s been a mean one. The last 12-24 hours have been a romantic dance of changing sheets, changing clothes, filling waters, emptying buckets, washing towels, disinfecting the car, washing car seats, Continue reading “Bits and pieces”

Merry Christmas Eve!

Everything is set out—croissants for morning breakfast sandwiches, warm cookies on the stove, stacked up in plates and tupperware, waiting to be packed up in the morning for the family party. The bike and play kitchen have been assembled, mostly with ease except for my personal low moment, frustrated by my growing belly and shortness of breath trying to retrieve the screw I’d dropped on the ground for the fourth time (James stepped in valiantly to rescue me on that one).

We’ve watched some favorites as the nights gone on, Family Man, The Santa Clause and SNL best Christmas skits. I am thrilled and thankful in my Christmas Eve cocoon, filled with excitement for the kids and what the morning holds. At peace as the rain patters against the skylight and gutters gush outside our windows, and we look on at the sparkling lights and burning fire.

I have so much I am thankful for in this moment, and am struck by the beautiful hope, peace, reconciliation and love brought with this season.

O come, Desire of the nations, bind
in one the hearts of all mankind;
bid every strife and quarrel cease
and fill the world with heaven’s peace.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Snippets of Christmas

This was such a fun day! We ventured out deep into the woods of Soquel (which is neither far nor woody..) to find a tree at a wild tree lot, and to our dismay, we found only the most gargantuan trees possible. So we stopped by another quaint little spot, off the beaten path called “home depót” 😉 And well, it worked for us so here we go, she’s up people!!

Christmastime been so fun this year, the kids’ excitement is through the roof and most especially, decorations. Although they mostly want to dig through boxes for possible toys. Or to “decorate” with one item and get their ever so prized hot chocolate.

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Bits and pieces

I love September. I love the beginning of a new school year, and not just for the fresh stationery. Every year, I blog the same details about how I dream of returning to class with my bouquet of sharpened pencils, side ponytail and new set of used books, covered carefully with cut up brown paper bag! It never gets old.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks adjusting out of summer into fall mode. Kids tired from new schedules, trying to stay on top of chores, school supplies, laundry, side projects and beyond! I suppose I just didn’t realize how much re-establishing would be required, the kids missed their summer daddy time and taking each day as it comes.

They’ve done so well at the same time. Being in preschool is hard work, following a teacher all day, learning so many new motor skills and social skills.. I’m acutely aware that it’s wise to let this all take its time, especially for our preschooler Luke, keep honest expectations and celebrate each milestone. Kate has been missing her brother but is pleased to lead around sweet little Emma. Continue reading “Bits and pieces”