Two years

A month late .. My big boy is now two!! His tiny two years feel like they’ve packed in an eternity of memories.. laughter, joy, cuddles, late nights, early mornings, stuffy noses, dirty feet, lost patience and intense love! Two years feels small, but with Kate here to remind us how little he once was, two feels like a grown tiny man.

I get glimpses of who he is growing to be and who he is meant to become (just glimpses, people! that sounded a bit grand..). Right now, I feel like I’m learning how to better pinpoint the things that are in his heart and giving him a platform to discover those things. The most fun part of what I’m discovering about him, though, is that he is a good friend. I love going to the store, or walks, just us.

A few things about our two year old..

We joke all the time that he’s going to grow up to be a park ranger. This kid loves nature and being outside.

For whatever reason, he has picked up on being polite. He reminds me to say “you’re welcome” and “thank you” when I forget. He also says inserts them at weird places in our conversations, which is entertaining.

My mom’s dog Maverick is pretty much his best friend. They are so cute together.

Loves music and every musical instrument, with drums coming in first, followed by guitar, ukelele and harmonica. His singing face is pictured above.

Skateboarding, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, soccer, basketball, football, baseball. All. of. it.

He also makes friends with the most interesting characters. People we would not necessarily encourage him to smile and wave at (disgruntled teenagers seem to be his fave).

Love you little man.

Twenty-five on the day of the 2012 election

one score and five years ago, i was born. and since i shared my birthday with the election this year, there was obviously a presidential spin to everything. you know, like people voting me for president. i even wore blue and red to work. how neutral of me.

it was a wonderful day. james brought me my favorite breakfast in the morning, with a side of banana bread and an even-larger tea than i typically get (i was amped). i had to work (i’m out of blasted vacation days) but it wasn’t terrible terrible, because this panda cupcake was provided with my tofu rolls (yes, a dessert with every meal is mandatory on birthdays in my book).

it was all buttoned up wonderfully with a surprise dinner/dessert/movie with husby (we already had “other” plans) with special little gifts at every turn. he is wonderful, that one.

and yes. i realize husband and i were really. really. really. bad at taking pictures of us, together…so pardon the me photo shoot right now.

focus new jewelry 🙂

Fifteen plates, five birthdays, one family party

this weekend, we headed up north to redwood city to celebrate
our family’s summer birthdays, there were five of them!
kebabs, quinoa salad, fruit salad, lemon/rosemary/thyme baguette.. mmm.
as if my family was not foodie enough, my cousin jessica began working at bi-rite market
in the city and we had some exceptionally delicious and fresh food!
i loved capturing this moment!
all the boys loved one of the books james received..the history of ballparks.
now if that doesn’t hit the nail on the head—i don’t know what would!
gourmet cheese from bi-rite always a plus!
and james with his awesome hat from cousin penny.

i love celebrating with the fam.

although i know we might not always be

within a car ride’s distance from each other, i love the time we have together.
i particularly love that my fam loves to celebrate my birthday on the thanksgiving holiday! woot!

there’s always a lot of gourmet food, chocolate cake, ice cream, stories, sports,
movies and shanghai (our generations old rummy game)!
now if we could only arrange for our northern and southern california
 (and swiss!) families to be a car ride away—can you say amazing!?
how do you love to celebrate with your famiglia?

James birthday! (part two)

on saturday, we gathered with a few friends to celebrate james on the day of his birthday! we swam, ate cake (a lot of it!), devoured an amazing rigatoni (with buffalo meat sauce) and laughed quite a bit..
stories about james usually involve a lot of laughs!
it was an absolutely beautiful day to boot! one of my favorite parts of the day was we made acronyms of james full name (it’s pretty long people!) and went around and shared (we’re really into acronyms right now for some reason).
here were some of my favorites:
J: joyful, jovial, joy-bringer
A: always laughing, amiable
M: mustache lover, master of sports trivia, married (woot!)
E: exuberant, expressive (he’s italian after all), excited constantly
S: selfless, strong, story-filled, sports enthusiast, super duper
and from me..super hot stuff!
thanks friends for coming to celebrate and making this day so fun!

For my mama


that’s my mom on the left, circa when she was about five years old 🙂
Happy Birthday to my lovely mama, Bette. 
Oh motha, you inspire me. I just want to say thank you to you…
For always laughing at my jokes (always).
For answering my phone calls (ALL of them no matter what time), teaching me the importance of integrity, pursuing education, and being brave.
For taking me along with your on your love for adventures, traveling the world, good cheese and art.
For giving me a chance to discover all the things I love in life, and for always encouraging people to follow what they love and what makes them happy.
For being so generous to me with your love, time, encouragement and thoughts.
You are an incredibly strong, smart, thoughtful, giving, creative, artistic woman.
You are an inspiration to me, and an incredible mother and friend.
We love you soo much and can’t wait to celebrate you this eve!

Dinner along the silk road

This weekend, my family celebrated my Birthday with me at Laili’s for a swanky, downtown dinner (featured in the NY Times no less)! We nibbled on Naan, gnawshed on our kebabs, and drooled over our to-die-for desserts- it was a super hit.
I had Anar chicken with pomegranate marinade (and seeds!) and heirloom tomato salad, and a birthday mousse to seal the deal. Love my family and loved the food! Never fear rest-of-family, we’ll celebrate soon (over-the-top winking happening right now)!
Hubby with his garlic/lime beef kebab (ka-bob or ke-bob?)
Mama (this was sort of her thank you party…you know for my birth and everything, yay mamas!) and Sunny with their chicken dishes (kinda cut the dishes out…they’re more lovely anyway!)
Aunt Mary and Hayden- Aunt Mary’s spinach was super drool worthy!!
Focused Haydee with his garlic/lime dish…
Present time! Love these earrings from Sunny!!
Aunt Mary and Hayden’s lovely fleurs for moi!
My chocolate birthday mousse with baklava (already gone by this point)…AMAZING.
Creme brulee and French press, happy dessert time!
James and Sunny couldn’t decide who’s bite came next…understandable.
Thank you for all the love my wonderful fam, you make birthdays so much better!!
xoxo, CM