Beauty DIY—Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

I feel like Spring is so excellent at reminding me that all my formerly covered up limbs need some serious care and vitamin D! Layering on extra moisturizer, drinking ample amounts of water and giving myself a good exfoliating scrub helps to bring my skin out of hibernation.

I have a few scrubs that I like to use, but in the spirit of spring, I thought a fresh, lemony scrub would do the trick. Continue reading “Beauty DIY—Lemon Sugar Body Scrub”

My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities

I am always looking for ways to keep my morning routine quick, peaceful and effective. Each morning, we find ourselves in the middle of a chorus of salutations—who will stir first?—we’re never sure. I very rarely wake up before the kids, since they are early wakers, but I try. And if I can’t, I attempt to get things underway while they’re still occupied with “quiet” playing (or something like it!), before they’re dressed and we begin Continue reading “My Hot Mess Beauty Necessities”

January wishlist

Hello Friday 🙂 It’s been a week! I was so ready for some quiet days at home after the nuttiness of the back-to-school excitement and adjusting to our routine again. I’ve got a rainy/snowy January wishlist here, with most things revolving around health and wellness—like keeping my skin happy through these colder months, updating my workout supply and my posture while I’m at it. There are also a few pretty things for good measure.


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A few current favorites


I thought I’d throw together a few things I’m currently enjoying using as of late. I’m always curious about other people’s go-to picks they’re into at any given time! I could read posts like this all day long. Here are a few of mine—most of them are from Target 😉

Simply Keto cookbook—I’m giving a lower carb lifestyle a try so having recipes on hand is super helpful. I love the no fuss, simple approach of these recipes!

Matrix Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray—my hair has been dry this winter and recovering from longer damage of bad brushes, tight elastics and too many top knots. This stuff goes in after I wash and moisturizes super thoroughly, helping it air dry better. And it smells nice mmm.

Tweezerman eyelash curler—I’ve officially reduced myself to the level of “even mascara is too complicated for me” status. But lately, it feels as if even mascara takes too much time and cleanup (facepalm!). But thankfully, on days when I just can’t, I still can use this fancy eyelash curler and give myself just a little something something.

“Yes to” Cucumber eye masks—late nights and daylight savings calls for some pampering on my underlids, does this work? I think so? But either way it’s soothing for the time it’s on there!

Vans Old Skool stripe—I just bought these trying to channel my inner junior higher and I’m so glad I did! I missed you old pals.

Bomber jacket Old Navy—this is soo comfortable and hits all my athleisure and poofy 90s rap video notes. I have the black one with the gold zipper!

Universal Thread tees—I love these $5(!!) tees. They were $8 originally and are on sale currently but they’re incredible comfortable, that worn-in feel, and they have an amazing cut. Overall I am privvy to wanting anything from this Target sub-brand, simple, nice cuts and lots of neutral colors (slow clap).

That summer glow

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

I just love the glow that summer gives one’s skin…sun-kissed freckles, lighter strands of hair (or red in some people’s case) and an overall shine that a few days of sunshine, fresh berries, days at the pool and bare feet can bring. Well…and there’s sometimes a little help from a product or two 😉 These are some that I have on my wish list!

What are your favorite makeup brands? What colors are you buying this summer?