Laundry dungeon

We are newlyweds who are certainly not basking in the lap of luxury. We are learning to make ends meet, learning to trust God throughout the process, and making decisions about how our family thinks these things through! I love the learning, I don’t love the uncertainty. But meanwhile, we make the most of our rickety (but not too rickety) little apartment, with it’s random pink kitchen tiles, complete lack of kitchen storage, leftover paint smell, no dishwasher, no w/d, and NO (and I mean nada)- little porch/deck/veranda/balcony/etc.
And yet, we totally love it for all it’s imperfections, yes we accept it’s subpar color choices, it’s displeasuring scent (we’ve eliminated most with the volcano candles…thank you, anthropologie), lack of kitchen storage with borrowed (and cute) cabinets…we’ve become dishwashing junkies and ready for any dish challenge ever (even when the garbage disposal backs up and I have to pour bleach down it. I mean what’s soo bad about the smell of bleach filling your lungs and making you cough??). We’ve even gotten used to the no deck nonsense, assuring ourselves that someday we’ll have a shpot to bbq, tan, eat, etc.
But there is one thing that I cannot shake. That I continue to try and convince myself is totally OK, workable, just fine, and I cringe…I can even hear myself now saying- it’s manageable. BUT the one thing that is totally not manageable, totally un…fine, in no way has it been workable, and goshdarnit it’s nowhere near the pitiful, pathetic and paltry aforementioned OK.

And that is the washer and dryer issue. I call it the washer and dryer issue, because it has to do with the washer and dryer, and the fact that there’s an issue– I’d say I have a big bone to pick. Our laundry room (located near the courtyard of our cute little six-apt complex) is kind of like a morgue, full of sadness and lifelessness.

The door (if you’d even call it that) isn’t one of those doors that reaches all the way to the ground. No, it’s one of those that got shorted at the lumber yard, or by the door-builder-person, and it comes up about four inches off the ground. Perfect for people to get through- oh wait, NO, we don’t fit…only other things that are little and yucky and nibble and I’m sure they live there.

As you walk in, you see a sad, sad, sad old washer/dryer set, filled with dust and anger. They welcome you into a room of dark and dank. No windows. No light, per se, just a small lightbulb that operates on a timer- because if you keep it on too long, I’m sure it would run up the electrical bill, that stinky little lightbulb and it’s big electrical bulb bill. Then. THEN. You see it. The “exhibit”. Two lonely machines stand side by side, one washing, one…drying. They’re old. They’re fed up. And they’re covered in dirt. Just plain dirty. And they’re COIN OPERATED. Ugh! Are you serious? Some crazy person wants me to pay them to use their stinky, yucky-ucky, LAME-o machines. And I’m not biting. I never will. I’m embarrassed for that person. I blush even now for you…you, person.

As a result, we wash & we dry throughout the county- at my mom’s, sometimes at the church, when we house-sit, for our friends who see our boo-hoo-ing and want to support. And for that, people, we love you.

One day, you can come to our future large, spacious, clean laundry room with well-proportioned doors and windows, light and maybe even accent lighting because we can. I’ll even take your picture so the memory lasts longer. Cause that’s what our laundry room will be.

A flipping tourist attraction of joy and soap.


Ten reasons

I stole this idea from anthropologie’s latest email blast, but I thought it was too fun to pass up. My ten reasons (drumroll, por favor) to love November!
1. Birthday month, need I elaborate…?
2. Thanksgiving Day (meaning: FAMILY, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, pumpkin pie and pecan if I’m feeling courageous enough!)
3. The day after Thanksgiving shopping and outings. Doy.
4. This movie is coming out!!
5. Usually, it means the NBA season has started. Unfortunately for us, no go on this one. But, for sanity’s sake- this is on the list.
6. This is the month that the ICE RINK opens in SF
7, Because my gym membership just renewed AND I’m not paying for November’s gym bill (it’s on the house), WOOT!
8. This lady is coming to town
9. The anniversary of our engagement is the end of this lovely month!
10. This view almost every evening. And yes. I. mean. every. evening.


(Brace yourself, this is a long post!)
Change has not been something we have been unfamiliar with this last year. James has had a change in job, living space, relationship went from long distance, to in-town, to “til death do we part” which is one of those amazing changes, um and this probably doesn’t count but he also changed gyms, heh. I, too, got all shimmied around, from full-time college student to corporate M-F/9-5, from lifeguard/swim teacher to inside a building all day long (surprisingly so difficult!), from youth helper to youth pastor (iknowright.), from single to taken, from dependent to, well…not, and again, ha, i changed gyms.
I’ve noticed that in the midst of the biggest changes, I was soo vulnerable. Everything’s different! …From not being able to find my favorite comfy jammies to not having favorite snackies on hand, to waking up and trying to remember if I’m still at school, my mama’s or in our new apt before I even open my eyes!
Through all of this, YES, God has totally been the Rock (can I get a big Amen). He knows. He totally and wholly and completely and entirely (and insert all the other “whole” words here) has been THERE. Both of our constant peace in the midst of craziness and change. Craziness like…driving all of my possessions (cough-clothes-cough) from UCI to Santa Cruz in two flatbed trucks and having it start to rain thirty minutes from my mom’s place (crazy devastation moment…don’t worry- everything was salvaged!). Yup, like then.
Or like when the wedding invite company told me that they printed everything incorrectly and the replacements are on backorder (and we’re already way behind schedule)…ew I don’t even like to remember that crazy moment. And in the complete life-altering moments, like when I answered “I do” to one of the most important covenants in. my. life.
Now, settling into our life here in our cute sleepy beach town, in our little apartment, we are still learning  what it means to be hubs and wifey, while at the same time a family who serves God with everything and still knows the importance of growing closer together, also. So in many ways we are still gettin the hang of all of these changes, but we keep remembering that in the midst God is growing, stretching, and generously blessing us, and that these awkward charlie horses (you know, those cramps in your calves that you get as a kid and your mom tells you you’re growing so that’s why you get them, but then you get them as an adult and realize you don’t want to look any taller than you already do and please Lord don’t let me get any more monstrously tall in heels, those ones…) are totally so that we can live in God’s big fatty blessings! And because of all these things, we are thankful for those ch-ch-ch-changes. And David Bowie.

last night

I came home to change for kickboxing to James cleaning the house. When I said I don’t wanna go because I want to stay home and be with you, he said to go and that he would clean the house. So I had to go. It was a horrible night at kickboxing! Well horrible slash awesome. Half the class left early because she made us kick the air so hard. I hate kicking sometimes. But then I remember that I love it.
WELL then I came home to those up there, and a card (the cry kind), and a new candle (the scrumptious-smell kind) and a freshly prepared super healthy (but still delicious) dinner and lots of cuddles. It was so great! We watched a movie and after I fell asleep to this face. And I love that face ohmygoodness soo much. Thank you Lord for my handsome wonderful best friend lovah, I couldn’t have dreamed up a more amazing man to spend the rest of my life with.

xoxo, CM

Family and baseball

A few highlights from celebrating birthdays with the family. They done good by James! Jerky, clothes, GNC, and baseball books. Like, seriously, dang. They know him oh so well already. Family, you guys are the best.
And, I am so. SO. proud to announce that I/we, yes- MOI/we?, was asked to bring a green salad. This is serious stuff people. We chose this one with fresh baby Arugula, red pears, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and pistachios! And hm was it good! 
…But the topper had to be Mitchell’s pumpkin ice cream melting alongside Aunt Ella’s warm Kahlua chocolate bundt cake. YUM.

If you haven’t heard of Mitchell’s til now, you’re late to the party, but you’re fashionably late so check it out NOW!

James is so 90210 right here, I dig babe, I dig.


Perfect Buns

Today I had a perfect bun…it doesn’t happen very often that it comes together just how I want it. I feel funny devoting a post to this, but um oh well this is how it’s going down! I put my new mousse, wave spray (preceded by kids detangler) and it came together in a wonderful little bump on my head.. thank you hair bun for staying in and letting me be hair happy all the day long!


I just love newlywed life. Well, scratch that, I love life with James. It seems like everyday we are making new discoveries about each other. Somedays we learn about our food preferences, for example: James’ staples on the grocery list are beef jerky, laughing cow cheese triangles, and crackers (vegan, but he doesn’t really know that, cause then he probably wouldn’t eat them).

Other days we are learning how to communicate, and sometimes that’s not the easy way, it’s the hard way, no- scratch that, often the hard way. Which is totally OK. It’s actually wonderful. What’s so amazing is that we’ve been learning this awkward walk together since the beginning, and so the difficulties and misunderstandings don’t hit us as hard as they once did. Do they still hit? Doy! But it’s a little less painful, and there aren’t really any bruises like there used to be.
I think part of what makes those misunderstood moments go by smoother is realizing that God has totally set us up for success- total. and. complete. success! That’s why I want to start counting, no not counting, more like “realizing” all the blessings we have.
Every night when we plop/shimmy/scurry into bed and I automatically get the giggles in excitement for the cuddles that are about to commence. James [a morning cuddler] laughs, i mean loves, and expects it now.
Getting to spend lunch dates at my mom’s house and [still] eating her food and [still] popping in without a word and [still] allowing her to treat me to a nail salon date on Saturday.
Spending afternoons and evenings out of the week at games (volleyball, football, basketball-FAVE [notthatihavefavorites], and more!) for youth in the youth group. love!
People at work, who I’m more and more just absolutely adoring. and when they buy me Mexican food for lunch. And when they think of me on a Staples run and pick out the Cars-themed tissue box, instead of a regular ol’ tissue box. Cause they know I’d actually love that!
And mornings like this. fo. real. Bahaha..
Thanks for reading! Happy weekend 🙂

hello, wednesday?

It’s hump day! But I’m still feeling like it’s a groggy Monday morning…
Today I put on my super favorite print dress inside-out. Yes. That’s right. Inside-out. Luckily, I noticed as I was walking into work this awkward flap flipping out onto my neck as I tromped across the parking lot with my breakfast in one hand, macbook in the other, and purse about to turn on it’s side (but isn’t because I’m leaning wayyy to the right to save it from spilling all over the asphalt). Yes, that was when I discovered the dress was. inside. out.