Baking and making, a list

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Five seasonal-ish recipes that I’m really enjoying as of late:

1) Morning glory muffins, hold me back! These muffins are an ode to a muffin that I’ve loved for years (this all sounds very odd..) which is the California muffin from Kelly’s here in town (a carrot apple masterpiece really). So I’ve been toying with this recipe and it is also (I won’t say equally, but certainly also!) very delicious.

2) Ree’s pancakes—mmmmm!! So even after having totally fumbled my version (applesauce is not the perfect egg substitute), they are still so delicious! We gobbled up all of our chunky cakes so effortlessly!

3) Kale sausage soup. This perfect autumn soup warms your belly with a deliciously seasoned broth, ground sweet Italian sausage, and tender kale and beans. Add a hunk of parm and crusty fresh bread and you are in soup heaven.

4) Thinly sliced pears and Point Reyes Bay Blue on a Sourdough baguette.

5) Apple, almond milk, peanut butter, strawberry smoothies (with a sprinkle of cinnamon)

Thoughts on a Wednesday

Oh Fall, you have finally made your debut. And here we are, burrowing indoors, concocting and doctoring soups and stews, gobbling apples from the backyard (as long as we beat the birds to them!), making every sunset an event, snapping pumpkin portraits with only the most impeccable lighting, chattering incessantly about the weather changing (somebody stop me!) and writing too, everything and anything.

I always find myself inspired to expel all of my thoughts in Fall. Like, I may sit down and discover a novel waiting in the far reaches of my mind—endless ideas at the tip of my pen just because. You know, because there are leaves carefully stashed in different crevices of our van, swishing back and forth between the blades of my windshield wiper. Because the darkness creeps and hangs earlier by the minute, and thus creeps and hangs my brooding, contemplative side. Not so in the hot stretches of summer or through the singing inspiration of springtime. Give me a brisk, eerie Fall, breathing in the far off scent of a few wood burning stoves, and I’ll be ever so inspired.

We spent a day with our church at a retreat spot in the woods nearby a few weeks back. I am the type of person who is constantly surveying how terribly I’d get on in nature without roads and heat sources and general modernity. But mainly roads.. On the way up, I stared at the quiet surrounding forest, towering outside my window. Such a small speck next to so many redwood giants, that would all get on quite nicely with or without this highway, these log cabins and their visitors. Quite nicely! Later, I had a few moments alone in the woods, trying to catch up with Luke who was exploring with another family on the hill a couple minutes ahead of me. There on the hillside, sliding awkwardly in my Vans, trying to catch up with my shockingly quick child, a momentary darkness swept over the woods and the speckled sun’s warm safety net disappeared; it all unassumingly struck me. I found myself extremely aware of my littleness in the face of this grand cathedral of Redwood giants, the unseen creatures and creeping critters, the sliding dirt beneath my shoes. The eerie, beautiful, falling canopy of Mother Nature, and me, a perfectly out of practice explorer, soaking in every autumnal drop of it.

And so it’s been a good Fall so far! We’ve also been glued to our seats watching October baseball, whisking the kiddos away to swim lessons and days at preschool, helping Emma teeter and totter as she works on standing more often (and she is crawling now!). I also spent thirty minutes of one afternoon doing intense research in pursuit of figuring out the baker of a muffin I used to enjoy. Yes this is not normal, I agree. Mission accomplished, a few phone calls and yelp reviews later–of course it’s Kelly’s French bakery! And for some reason I can’t bring myself to sign back on to social media right now, and that’s been REALLY fantastic.

Hope this post finds you well, happy Fall to you!

Bits and pieces

I love September. I love the beginning of a new school year, and not just for the fresh stationery. Every year, I blog the same details about how I dream of returning to class with my bouquet of sharpened pencils, side ponytail and new set of used books, covered carefully with cut up brown paper bag! It never gets old.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks adjusting out of summer into fall mode. Kids tired from new schedules, trying to stay on top of chores, school supplies, laundry, side projects and beyond! I suppose I just didn’t realize how much re-establishing would be required, the kids missed their summer daddy time and taking each day as it comes.

They’ve done so well at the same time. Being in preschool is hard work, following a teacher all day, learning so many new motor skills and social skills.. I’m acutely aware that it’s wise to let this all take its time, especially for our preschooler Luke, keep honest expectations and celebrate each milestone. Kate has been missing her brother but is pleased to lead around sweet little Emma. Continue reading “Bits and pieces”

Emma at one year old

My goodness it is surely surreal to write that. And I’m sincerely wondering if being in disbelief over the pace of time or children’s ages ever goes out of style. I think not. That is the hallmark of adulthood maybe, that children observe you always going on about the swiftness of time.. well, here I am, I cannot believe Emma is ONE year old. Continue reading “Emma at one year old”

Kate at two and a half

I can hardly believe Kate is in the neighborhood of two and a half, plus a little more. These days with her range from the sweetest, gentlest moments to the most fierce, she is both all at once. She has the most thoughtful nature, always bringing everybody their belongings and wanting to be a supportive part of our family, and she so is!! Continue reading “Kate at two and a half”

Our family summer routine

I am so incandescently happy with our summer so far.. have I mentioned that? I’m kidding, I’m pretty sure my last five posts say something the same.. In the last few months, we’ve been able to fly by the seat of our pants with day trips together practically everywhere in our neighborhood/county.

Once we got some of those trips out of our system, I’d wanted to get a rhythm going again with the kids. We don’t follow it every day but we try to keep morning and evening consistent, in particular. If we’ve got no unique plans for the day then we follow this pretty closely 🙂

Wake up

Get dressed, make beds


Brush teeth, wash hands/face

Bible story, morning prayers

Morning clean up

Outing (park, museum, library, walk) or outside play

Activity (craft, puzzles, imaginary play, read aloud time)

Lunch, wash hands/face

Rest time

Outing (see above) or outside play

Screen time (optional, while we make dinner only, don’t worry I only limit it so much since we have our fill the rest of the year *eye roll*)


Bath time, brush teeth, pjs

Daddy & momma time (reading, talking etc)