Hi! I’m Casey. I live in coastal California with my husband James and our small offsprings, an almost three year old Luke and baby Kate, both of whom I lovingly and crazily spend my days wrangling. Here you’ll find my writings, which range from motherhood to overly descriptive musings to the crusty bread I finally figured out. Hopefully you’ll hear from me more than every six months.

I am a California native and clumsily fell in love with literature and writing (all sorts) throughout high school and college. It has weaved itself throughout my life for many years and always keeps close by, along with my faith, which I hold very dear. And just for the heck of it. I love long walks along the coast, reading, writing, baking, attempting to garden, Lakers basketball and perfecting the art of being cozy.

You can reach me here: cmastrianna (@) gmail.com