5 years of Emma

This Labor Day weekend, we celebrate our little Labor Day arrival, Emma! My on-time twin (came on her due date, Labor Day) which was both ironic and wonderful all at once. I cannot believe you, my love, are already 5!

Emma is a loving, charming, adorable little lady with big puppy dog eyes when she decides to use them 🙂 She has always made life easier and sweeter, the most easy going girl. She loves fun, friends, little figurines, using her imagination, and is the best conversationalist. She really sees people, no matter age or walk of life, and can connect with them. I admire that about her so much.

She loves to play puppy dog, unicorn, baby cicada (truly, and yuck lol), and horsies. Emma adores her family, will literally weep with you or laugh with you, whatever emotion you might have. And she feels it. As a baby, her eyes were so captivating, she felt so wise, even though she was probably just making a BM. Regardless, she is like that now! Wise beyond her five little years.

We are so blessed to enjoy Emma each day, she is a true highlight and brings us all so much love, comfort, laughter, and joy. I hope her next year is filled with wonder, growth, and all the giggles 🤭 we love you Emma!

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