BTS 2022

And by BTS I mean “back to school” .. not the Bangtan boys, though I do love their mashup with Coldplay. My friends, Georgians don’t mess around with a long summer. We were back to school August 8th, no lie. Though we technically get out in May and enjoy as full a summer as the next, it is strange to go back that early. Though, I have to say I was ready. There are only so many ways to occupy young students of the world in an off-routine, wild and crazy summer. Of which we had one of the best! But to respectfully contradict the words of Alice Cooper, school is indeed not out forever. Phew!

As I think over Luke entering 3rd grade, Kate in 1st, Emma in her last year of Pre-K, and Jordan rounding us out in the 3’s class, I am both shooketh and proud as they embrace their new school-year. And we also celebrate James as he continues his amazing work as a teacher. And an incredibly debonair one at that 🔥 Happy school year, folks!

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