Jordan turned 3!

Jordan turned three! We rang his birthday in with all the Super Mario trinkets and accessories possible, which filled him with all the three-year-old awe and wonder you could hope for. He really went hard in the paint for Mario last year and hasn’t looked back, which makes us giggle because James made a strong push for “Mario” as a name. You’re welcome, son – I’ve got your back!

It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten to muse about this wild, precious, lovable boy. What to say! Well, Jordan does not fit the mold, and I adore him for it. He decided to stir things up being the fourth child that he is, because any parenting methods that “worked” with our other kids, he typically won’t accept (lol). He has given us the chance to figure things out in a different way, and I mean that, and we are better for it. Life after Jordan has flipped the script in a lot of ways. Isn’t it funny to get to your fourth child, and think for a half a second that you’ve got your mom game figured out? Har-dee-har-har, as they say.

Jordan, or Jordy, is a grand recipe of sweet and tender, goofy, tenacious, willful and persistent, and the master of snuggles, many of which I am on the receiving end of ♥️ He loves MUSIC and is specific about his genres and artists (Jack Johnson is still a fave, and they’re almost birthday twins), football (saying “Let’s go man!”), going to preschool, snacks, riding his bike, reading, washing the dishes while I cook, LOVES the beach, and stealthily sneaking any electronic device he can get his hands on.

Jordan is so endlessly curious, and helps all of us slow down and be curious, too. He has this great ability to see people clearly and read their emotions, he’s been so near and dear to anyone in their tough time, even in his three short years. I can’t wait to see how much you’ll grow over this next year, bud – we all adore you and love you. Happy Birthday!

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