A birthday for Kate

Our twinkling little lady is six! I never tire of birthday posts. They have a knack for leaving me in pieces without fail. Kate turned six and I can’t remember a person more thrilled to have a birthday, except maybe the last child to have a birthday in our family 😅 but her excitement was palpable! There was internal fanfare for months and now that we’ve arrived, she’s already counting on six and a half.

Kate’s birth was always something supernatural for me. There was so much peace and welcome newness when she arrived. I was also thankful to experience natural birth and a VBAC with Kate, which was an instant and divine gift. She came right away with a sweetness and delight. And she remains as such!

Kate has a gift of really seeing people, not letting the fluff get in the way. She loves to make others feel incredibly special and she makes sure they know it. Meeting a person is just an invitation for her to start thinking about what gift, card, or personal belonging she will give them. She transcends all the card making skills I ever possessed, and rivals all my Swiss card makers, and yes that is a thing.

She has so much artistic flair. There are so many odds and ends she has made for me, and the cutest tiny pictures with so much care and character. I’m loving watching how bright she has become up close as I watch her learn in kindergarten this year. While she dramatically sighs when I pull out an activity sheet for her, even more dramatically with a flick of her wrist and pencil, the sheet is complete! Mission accomplished. She has a knack for that!

We are so grateful for our little love who lights up our lives, happy birthday Kate!

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