Fall and Christmas

Christmas pretty much began back on October 31, when, for the first time, James and I became avid Hallmark Christmas movie watchers. We didn’t see it coming, but we didn’t see anything this year coming, so we went with it, and we are hooked. Nothing like a predictable love story a la Lacey Chabert to wind ya down at night! In my apparent evolution into tried and true grandma, I’ve also become wildly enthralled by going to bed early. It’s almost exciting. And with Jordan on a steady diet of 530am wake ups with full energy, ready to climb on tables, which he does, it’s become necessary. But however offensive that hour has been, when I’ve had enough sleep, it’s the sweetest hour. And possibly the quietest. Which is somewhat of an unusual experience with four babes 6 and under.

My hands down 2020 must haves have been an exorbitant amount of coffee and popcorn. What are yours?? Coffee is great for kick starting my morning, an afternoon pep and summed up with a nice evening jolt. Truly it’s a massive problem, I will need a proper detox someday and look forward to functioning normally again. Popcorn can be utilized likewise. With all the popcorn and coffee, I did find I was much too busy for frivolous things like social media so I took a nice 6 month break. But really though, I needed a break. In its place, I did some online learning, listened to a ton of podcasts, and I maybe have a masters now, heh. It’s been nice, so freeing as they say. I’m often inching closer to throwing my iPhone in the ocean (or somewhere more eco friendly) and doing away with the whole thing, unplugging completely, writing letters, using a day planner and keeping a diary..

Had you heard the royals do this? I’ve watched the Crown and many documentaries over the years, but the members of the royal family are often keeping a diary, making entries daily! They are later submitted to the Queen’s archive and accessed for certain purposes. I stopped journaling when I grew out of my Lisa Frank stage, but I’m sure it’d be gold to go through now. I may need another fluorescent furry lock and key diary again someday soon.. recommendations welcome.

Back to Christmas. The kids enjoyed the advent season this year, however strange it was. I’ve noticed that a lot of life has been increasingly low key for us with the way things currently are. The typical pandemic outing has become so difficult to navigate with littles. We’ve been home so much, trying to explore new corners of our house and yard, hoping it’ll feel fun and different day to day. Some days feel a bit boring in comparison to only one year ago, when day trips, eating out and going to the park were so normal. Parties, date nights out with friends, feast days at church, grocery trips with the whole family, or just the normal beach walk and stopping to see whatever familiar face. Remember that? It’s not that any of this is impossible now, it’s just all so different. The kids are aware of it too, and they know how much work it is and how unique it is to just freely spend time with others in this current time. I found myself laying low this Christmas and hanging on for a more communal holiday season in the future.

So here are a few snaps of the last month or so. Everyone is growing and sprouting unnecessarily fast and we have another year of birthdays about to unload which I will gawk at constantly—how are you 7!? 5?! 4?! 2?! That’s what is about to happen my friends. Wild.

I hope you are safe out there, healthy and enjoying yourself endlessly this holiday season. Or as much as you can. And I hope you enjoy your last few days of this 2020 year. I am rolling the dice and praying this next one is a wee bit better. ❤️

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