Emma is three!

My little love turned three earlier this month. These toddler birthdays are truly the sweetest! The realization that they are the special birthday person is pure joy, and the siblings excitement just made it that much more fun. Emma has been easy peasy happy since the day she was born. We always talk about how spoiled we were with the easiest third child. She would go anywhere, sleep anywhere, nurse anywhere, and would let me wear her at any point. It’s hard to believe how obvious their personalities are right from the start, and this was the case with Emma. The last year we have seen her completely become a little girl, no longer a toddler. We still call her one of the babies, but she is a little girl in every sense.

One of my favorite things about Emma is her imagination. She can have next to nothing and come up with the most elaborate scenarios. When I do school pick-ups, I love to listen to her chatter and use her fingers as little people (her toes are ‘horseys’). She also loves to make people smile, and I think she’s a budding performer. She will sing (loudly) whenever the moment is right and she has a fierce set of dance moves 🙂 The water is her true obsession and she would be happy any given day to splash in the splash pad, in the buff of course, or play with the bubbles as she sits in the hot tub with dad. A few other fun things.. she loves her siblings on a whole different scale, it’s so striking. She savors food and we can usually get her to try most things. She is creative, thoughtful, snuggly, hilarious, loving, strong and will bust some knees if you cross her or her siblings, such a fighter!

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings, and will hold back the waterworks while I think about how old my baby Emma is! Happy birthday love bug!

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