A first birthday for Jordan

Last month we celebrated Jordan turning ONE! This first year with everybody’s baby brother has been such a special one. It is a real wonder to watch Jordan through the eyes of our family. He is happy to be everyone’s baby. But in all actuality, he seems like he might outgrow us all before we know it! He is one hundred percent a cuddly, wrestly and mostly happy (except when grouchy!) bear cub! He has no fear.

He’s been trying to catch up to his siblings in every way possible! From his words (mama, dada, ballball, wa, formerly known as water) to his dancing, running, walking, mastery of up and down the stairs, climbing on the couch and sitting, and he can certainly put as much food down as his big sibs. And lest I forget the booming voice—James is hoping lends itself to a career as a future Pavarotti because we must be enduring this screeched for some virtuous reason! Jordan, you truly bring us so much joy buddy. We love you to the moon.

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