Quarantine journal

Captain’s log, day 35. I wonder how you all are hanging in there. It’s so funny how we’ve all acquired the same words for this era!—strange, bizarre, odd, are we ‘holding up’ or ‘hanging in’. Well, as much as is possible, we are all of these. It seems like the shelter in place began like a pioneer adventure and we found ourselves eager to test our home-steading (staying..) skills.

We realized how many luxuries that we depend on daily. I’d easily overlooked a handcrafted coffee by a friendly barista, simple chats at the park with strangers over so and so is this old and potty training and the like, quiet (ha, ha) strolls with the kids in the redwoods, walks and talks with friends, a day trip drive to a farm in Monterey, or a visit to the grocery store with the girls, snagging a quick snack off the shelf so they’ll have something to focus on because they are wild.

Overall I’ve been proud of how we’ve navigated the time so far. The kids are so resilient in themselves; a constant reminder of new mercies every morning. They appear in some sort of way each day, elusively!—closely snuggled up to my back, tapping my forehead to ask an urgent question, the babe crying in the corner of my arm, or another singsongingly arriving bedside with a flashlight in my eyes.. have I mentioned I’m working on waking up before them? That would be miraculous, but hope springs eternal!

They seem to avoid the lull that I’ve felt myself in, where days smudge into each other and motivation is starting to feel like an uphill battle. I started out okay, running laps in the yard and getting amped about home projects and online school and baking. But my wheels started to skid a little. I’m incredibly reliant on a morning prayer, reading, coffee and shower to even pull myself to a chugging speed. I am eternally grateful this began somewhat during the Lenten season, I think I’ve been able to be mindful of my own gratefulness, kindness, patience (the fruitful things!) as well as frustrations, fears and pridefulness (less fruitful!..).

The days are mostly sweet. There’s school, some cooking, some gardening or digging, biking or baseball, a little baking, abundant artwork, hot tubbing, the many rearranging of furniture moments, the daily immunity juice shot, scribbling down some notes in my writing prompt book, and add to that all a dash of video game time and some Easter chocolate. Today we watched our church service in the shed and are now lounging in different corners of the house, resting beautifully. I’m waiting for a moment to nail up a few pictures in the bedroom later, and snacking on some roast broccoli.. Hope you are safe and well, too ☀️

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