Luke turns 6!

A few weeks ago, our Luke turned 6, and I’m still sitting here trying to add up on my fingers how. This means that almost 7 years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, and 6 years ago, our world flipped upside down and we had our first taste of sleepless nights, busier days, baby giggles, breastfeeding pangs, newborn blowouts and the like. While it’s hard to wrap my mind around, what’s easy to see is what a blessing Luke is to our family.

Luke has big brother DNA, it was always there and it just gets better. He loves his siblings, and is so clever at figuring out ways to play with them. He knows Kate loves to play family, and that Emma likes to wrestle, and how Jordan just wants to pass the ball back and forth. He is an observant boy, always carefully picking up on what everyone is up to, how they behave, think, talk. He is also a boy of peace, he wants people to be at peace with each other and when things are aligned, I can tell he takes ease. He has a really safe, calming presence. I think I’ve always found a safety net with him, and the other day his Kindergarten teacher said she misses his calming voice, and it struck me that others probably find him this way too.

But I’m here laughing at that last paragraph because he’s also got his undeniable go-mode, his crazy, one hundred percent wild child side, which I love and also buckle up for. He can push himself hard! And he has had a physical discipline from the start, although it ussed to just be the urge to move. I love observing him discover what he can achieve physically. The best is when he watches baseball, basketball, anything really and then the training begins—he will repeat the same action hundreds of times until he gets it. It sounds so funny out loud, but this is just his way and we always stand by and watch with excitement.

Our six year old loves the Lord dearly, is so inquisitive, caring, fun-loving and strong. He knows what he wants and goes after it. He is a faithful friend and maybe a first-born thing, seems wise beyond his years. He is truly a rock within our fam. My prayer for Lukey is always that he would continue to put his faith and trust in God, be brave, be okay with mistakes and always share his wonderful, fun, sweet love with everyone around him. Happy birthday bud!!


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