8, 9 and now 10 months

Oh buddy, if you ever read these monthly updates someday, somehow, you’ll have to forgive me for these have slowly become compound monthly updates 🙂

So much has happened in these last months! Jordan is crawling so fast, and wants to go everywhere. He’s taken one step (on Friday night) and has one tooth as of a couple evenings ago. He is ready to walk strength-wise but I’m totally happy he’s not actually doing it yet. We’ve had to keep a close eye on this little dude, thankfully his older sisters and brother are happy to let me know what he’s up to at all times, heh. He’s saying mama, dada, go and his token goo goo ga ga. Which is so hilarious to hear aloud!

Jordan loves his blueberries, bread, meat, beans, peas, cheerios, avocado. Meal time is so fun, he loves the buzz of that all. He’s learning to use hand-signs instead of shrill screaming when he wants more 😉 bath time is also a huge hit right now, he’s very into splashing and has strong little paws and arms for slapping / swatting, and seriously soaking our entire bathroom floor when he’s in the bath. He is so good at running around everywhere with us, is happy on adventures, in the car, at the park, the grocery store. And naps like a champ when we’re out (at home has not been as smooth unfortunately!).

Nights have been rough, but I know it won’t last forever. He does so well in the first half of the night, but when he wakes in the second, he’s pretty fussy until he’s snuggling me. We will get there though 🙂

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