Bits and pieces

Well I can’t seem to get through a whole blog post for the life of me! We’ve been keeping busy, trying to stay healthy, plugging away with work and school, and then navigating the on and off almost Californian springtime. Tees, raincoats or hazmat suits, not sure which to prime next!

I started running up again and after four or five somewhat ridiculous feeling runs, I’m starting to enjoy it all again. And this is 90% thanks to the 90s hits playlist I’ve been listening to. Nobody knows how to over exert better than a 90s cardio burn compilation. Gloria Estefan, you know I can’t control myself any longer. So much so that I may have pulled my hip flexor sprinting, truly I’m pretty sure I did! .. anyways, while I appreciate the burn of a run or swim, swimming takes too much work right now. And then there’s jumping into a medium warm pool, I don’t know if I’m ready to rock my world like that. Thats a great thing to enjoy when you’re fancy free and 23. Both of which I’m not. So swim while you can people.

Other fun news, Luke just learned to tie his shoes!—and snap! Both of which are incredibly vivid memories of my own, and it’s wonderful to see his own unfold. He is working hard on his cursive and spelling, and loves kindergarten. And he’s lost two teeth. I have seen him grow like a bean sprout so far this year, in physical stature, understanding, humor and then too, emotionally. It’s not lost on me how hard it is to accomplish all these many milestones, kids are amazing. And of course sassy as can be at times! But I am brimming with pride for this almost six year old boy!

Kate is enjoying her four year old status. She is such a social butterfly, and cares for so many people very deeply. She’s very extroverted in that way but needs quiet down time to get ready for her extroversion. She is so thoughtful and she desperately wants to be part of what any of us are doing. I absolutely love reading with her, watching her make a card or picture, discussing important topics and hearing her ideas. She knows how to stand up for herself, which I love, and also it challenges the heck out of me! But shoot if she loves her family; she makes us feel like celebrities.

Emma is growing so much, she is an intelligent, strong and resilient girl. I love to watch the world through her eyes, observing her wonder for things, and surprise to find out how something works. She is a fighter too and is happiest wrestling with Luke, playing make believe with Kate, reading a book, snuggling a cute little animal (loves her horse) or holding hands and walking around the backyard. She always enjoys a park day and swing time, or any sort of adventure.

Jordan makes us all smile! He has had a rough go in the evenings but has recently began to do a smidge better, glory glory. Little man is moving fast these days, so we’ve had to be extra safe around the house with him. He loves the jolly jumper, playing in the bath, being surrounded by his siblings, eating, walks, snuggling and did I mention he loves his siblings?! Oh man.

Anyways, we’ve had some sweet and tiring and long days as of late. And long nights. As I’m jotting these thoughts, Jordan sits nestled under my arm sleeping in our bed and generally taking all the room somehow. On that note, goodnight! 🙂

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