Kate is four!

I can’t keep up you guys! My big girl is four and these birthdays and milestones aren’t slowing down. Oof. Well, I will press on. I am daily in wonderment at this little girl’s beautiful nature.

She is in one breath graceful, sweet, eloquent, thoughtful, dreamy. In the next, she’s a total goofball, always laughing at physical humor, and daddy’s silly jokes and impressions. Then she is inquisitive, asking so many deep questions about life and people. Our deep dive on Ruby Bridges will stick with me for awhile.

She desires people to behave kindly, love one another. And she is so aware of faces, and is really skilled at imitating what someone’s face did! Where I feel the most lucky, is that Kate makes a great buddy to spend the day with. Listening to her thoughts, helping her see how the world works, and then in turn, learning even more because of her sweet interpretation of it all.

Four seems way too big, too old to fathom (ha!) but yet, here we are. We adore you honey and here’s to the year of four!!

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