Best chocolate chip pancakes

Best choclolate chip pancakes stack delicious

Last year, I may have tested around 15-20 pancake recipes; fun pregnant activities. All sorts of flours, oils, eggs or egg substitutes. I have quite a few critics at hand and many of them with no filter so I know when something’s not a crowd pleaser 😅 this recipe was a winner! These are the perfect combination of fluffy, buttery, moist and conveniently stackable. And although I’m accustomed to squishing chocolate chips into the pancakes once they’re on the griddle, I went with them ahead of time method to mix it up and I’m a convert. Adding chips to the batter was much easier and they were better distributed throughout the batter. Hope you like these as much as we did!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
(qty: enough to feed our family)

8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter

2 cup whole, 2 percent fat, or 1 percent fat milk (I also used full fat coconut milk and mm, delicious!)

2.5 cups flour

2 tablespoon sugar

8 teaspoons baking powder

1.5 teaspoon salt

4 eggs

1.5 cups semisweet chocolate chips, or less to taste

Butter, for cooking


Melt the butter and milk on low in a saucepan. While that’s going, assemble flour, sugar, salt, baking powder in a bowl. In a separate bowl, crack eggs and whisk, slowly pour in butter and milk.

Add dry ingredients and stir just barely to mix it up. Add chocolate chips and use a 1/4 measure cup to scoop onto griddle. Eat while hot!

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