7-8 months baby

Jordan just hit his 8 month mark! He’s currently rolling around in the floor snuggling near Emma. While life got remarkably nutty 8 months ago, it also came with his absolute preciousness. Jordan loves to be in the middle of all his siblings and to say it puts him at ease is an understatement! He remained happy in his car seat during an 8-hour road trip over our break (didn’t even eat which is only because he spent the entire night before nursing) but would wake, laugh with his buddies in the back, play with his toy and sleep again. And it’s only when they’re around.


He loves walks, being carried around in the ergo, bath time splashing, sleeping in the bed with us, sitting at the table with his crew, doing anything at all with his crew, eating cheerios, bananas, blueberries, playing peekaboo, and he’s just started the cutest army crawl. This terrifies me because he is going to be mobile way sooner with less judgement but he’s so happy about it! We have so much joy with you here buddy. His smile lights us all up!

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