Little Monterey getaway

This week, we carved out a little time for a getaway to Monterey/Carmel right before the thanksgiving holiday! We had so much fun packing the kiddos up and I am so in love with how much excitement they have, it’s so contagious. We ended up being away during a huge rainstorm so found ourselves inside more than we imagined but thankfully, hotels might as well be a wondrous, magical land in our kids’ eyes.

Sleep is rather elusive in different bedtime arrangements. Emma was a champ until about 2am when she promptly woke up for about an hour, being generally adorable but so loud. I didn’t mind the chattering until she managed to turn on her cute, loud bear that I ninja grabbed and turned off. Luke and Kate conked out hard and fast in their new sleeping bags with a few wake ups. And in a strange turn of events, Jordan was the best sleeper of all! Our mornings were filled with back and forth, forth and backs over which grownup should be awake first. And I undiplomatically got to sleep longer the whole trip, because bless James heart!

We went no holds bar, quick interlude to OED that phrase for correct usage and spelling which now I realize is an incorrect use and spelling (no holds barred) so.. we didn’t hold back at the breakfast bar! Pancakes with chocolate, and bananas, omelettes, side sausages, granolas and cereal! When I came round with yogurt and fresh fruit, there was almost a sense of disgust amongst the group. As if a true offense had been committed.

After the morning marathon of delicious food, we tried to find rain friendly activities and we settled on the park when the rain let up for a bit. Emma went directly to the dangerous things, Luke and Kate carefully yet bravely climbed the ladders and slid the slides. I cannot believe some of the play-structure heights! I do actually want to slide with you, I don’t actually want to have a panic attack atop a pirate ship tunnel slide. We saw a few of the most epic rainbows on our way out, and missed a royal soaking by only a minute.

I also snuck away to take Luke and Kate to the indoor pool, which was empty to our surprise. We tuckered each other our with jumps and piggy back rides and didn’t leave until their lips were literally quite blue. We’re not doing swim during the fall right now but I was very regretful of that fact when I remembered how tired it makes them. Luke and Kate were completely whooped when we came back and Kate tucked herself in for bed that night.

Other highlights were playing cards (Luke), playing house and bedtime (Kate, Queen Elsa and I), more chasing around of the crazy one (Emma), and collectively watching Jordan roll adorably round and round on the floor! We are a supportive bunch. So nice to mix it up and do something different locally with the kids! Struck by how sweetly they see the world, and how much good a little change of scenery can be.

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