Five for Fall

Sherpa sweatshirt | Boots | Planner | Fresh wreath | Candle

Some fall items! I can’t let this moment of Sherpa go by without some sort of acknowledgement of it’s furry fluffy goodness. And yes, we can’t miss sherpas most shining moment in the Will Ferrell, Nicole Kidman’s “Bewitched” which is actually a severely underrated movie (“sherrrppaaa”).

I also picked up these boots in the great Target debacle of last weekend when I realized on Sunday morning of our kids baptism that I pretty much had the option of workout Nike’s, Vans or truly tattered leather slides, which could have worked but honestly, my feet were in no place to show off. I proceeded to try to order a series of five different pairs of shoes in a row through the Target app and one after another kept shooting back with an email that the associate couldn’t find the shoe in the store. I’d like to think I’m responsible for getting their shoe inventory in check that day or now realizing that I probably seriously annoyed the pick-up team. So on the way to the baptism, I ran in and found these beauties and couldn’t be happier.

And then there’s my all time favorite fall candle and a journal I love. I am always collecting and journaling in calendars and this particular brand I love. I think it must be due to years of writing things down in an academic calendar throughout school, but I can stop myself and for whatever reason, I get my best thoughts out in an academic calendar.

As the years go on, I find myself thinking, come fall and winter, that the addition of fresh greenery in the form of a seasonal wreath is nearly mandatory, if not very necessary. Won’t you join me? Really love this one!

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