Last weekend we got to baptize our babes ♥ It was an incredibly special moment and one we’d contemplated, prayed about and researched for a few years now. When Luke was born, we had dedicated him and when Kate came along, we did the same thing. Both dedications were beautiful moments! And as time has went on, around the time that Emma came along, our understandings shifted from our own personal bible study and exposure to other practices from the historical church.

We began to be drawn towards infant baptism and the scriptures and history tied to it became so rich and meaningful to us and we knew we wanted to do that for our kids. We stayed at a standstill for a bit, since Luke at the age where he had told us he wanted to be baptized, and then 3 other children that weren’t at that point, so we wanted to contemplate how to proceed.

The thinking came from the traditions of both the early and historical church to baptize babies. Scriptures referencing whole households being baptized, not necessarily referencing age but rather the idea that it is an act of solidarity. Another piece was the idea that we are not raising our children outside of our faith and to give them this would be in line with how we are living our lives as a family. I was thrilled to make that statement with them.

The heart had been the same when we dedicated our first two, but this practice helped to put it more-so into action and ultimately, we knew it was the right step for us! So Sunday was the culmination and a meaningful step in the a journey for our family. Luke got to be baptized with an understanding of his choice, and speak with his own words what it meant to him. And the girls and Jordan were baptized with a promise and hope of their stories of faith to come.

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