Emma is/has been 2! Plus other thoughts


I’m so behind. So so behind. I am troubled by my behind-ness (a questionable adjective). I am two months late for this birthday post. So late, in fact, that I’m now a day late to my own birthday post (the horror). But here I am, you guys. I can’t stop, won’t quit now. Birthday posts are terrifyingly par for the course around here, and of course, by that I mean that it’s pretty much ALL I’ve conceivably been able to eek out in the most untimely manner. But at this point, I’ve been posting since 2011, and this space has grown to be such a valuable spot to me.

I remember archiving a bunch of posts when I migrated my blogspot to WordPress, which looking back felt like I was leaving an era behind. The off-the-cuff, share anything, Follow Fridays, “Blog every day in May” series’, sharing any little quip or thought from my budding marriage. Many of those early posts were/still are incredibly cringe-worthy (wow, this is all getting very endlessly hyperbolic!). But for that off-moment where James and I have scrolled all the way back through the archives, cringing, laughing, crying too, seeing memories painted so vividly through iPhone pics and me, dangerously yielding my truly amateur use of a Canon Rebel, the value is unquantifiable. In other words, these posts and memories are “impossible to express or measure in terms of quantity.” I have wanted to reserve this space for my creative outlet, and it has been, and I’ll continue to do that, along with birthday posts galore. But in some ways, I want to let a little 2011 fly while posting to this space too, when blogging was still the wild Wild West and I didn’t mind compiling a thousand topics into one post and giving slug names that are incredibly jarring and/or verging on obnoxious 🙂 (ie: emma-is-has-been-2-plus-other-thoughts)


Speaking of “emma-is-has-been-2-plus-other-thoughts”, this post is also about Emma and her squishy, adored, sass of a self. Squishy simply because all two year olds are and how we love them for it. She is adored and has these fantastic dynamics with each of her siblings and loved ones and man, we adore her. And sass, because while yes, what two year old isn’t, but man, she is getting me with her “get me DOWN” shouting matches and screaming like a nazgûl (I did look up this spelling) and just slightly getting out of my reach while doing it, only to hide with her hands over her eyes in a corner when she gets in trouble. I’m tired just describing these scenes to you, which explains my daily need for four shots of espresso.

A few favorite things about Emma as she turns two. A perfect day in Emma’s life would include an early break-of-dawn wakeup, yogurt, eggs, “behwees” (berries), some Curious George, reading to herself, drawing on every surface possible, pouring water on something, somebody or someone, playing with a cup and straw, and digging with no time constraint in dirt or sand. Oh! And baths, she’s come to love them very much because there’s not a day that goes by that she can skip one! We love you Emma girl! This much:


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