Jordan, months 4 and 5

Jordan is five months tomorrow! So as one does, I shall post his four and five month update. Nights have been late recently so Jordan is kicking my booty sleep wise but lucky for him, I am so smitten with his stage right now. He is so smiley and coos so much, and loves chattering to himself. He is also starting to play with toys and his toes too and it’s so sweet to see him roll around grabbing on his little feet.


Babies have wonderful contradictions about them. They are so cuddly but those little nails grow so fast, so Jordan constantly has these little swatting cat paws that sort of keeps the kids at bay.. they have to protect themself somehow! His sweet coos quickly turning pterodactyl scream—it’ll clear a room FAST and get him his nursing sesh in a timely fashion.

His favorite spot to sit is right in the middle of the dinner table in his little seat while all his siblings sit and eat around him. He never ever fusses in that spot, he is obsessed as he watches his siblings chat and eat and especially eat. I can’t wait to see his reaction to eating next month 🙂 We are sneaking out belly laughs more and more and Kate has some wonderful magic with tickling that makes him so happy. We try to walk quite a bit and he loves his time in the carrier. And he’s starting to enjoy the stroller too (anything to stop the sisters from kicking each other is nice too).. Emma loves to sit next to him!

Sleep. So after two girls who sleep like it’s their legitimate job, I am adjusting to this little energetic / wants to be awake little boy. With the girls, I allowed their own internal schedule to lead the way. In this case, I’m still figuring Jordan out. Today, for example, he had a half hour cat nap at 10:30am after waking up at 7am. He was awake until 1:30pm and verdicts still out for how long this afternoon nap will last. At only five months, he’s on his way to mimicking Emma’s two year old sleep. So you can imagine that this is something I’m becoming manic over—no child, no! But we will see! This stage is SO short and I love it so much (he will never need me so as much as he does right now, it’s precious) but still wondering when in the actual heck we’ll find some sleep normalcy, but I know I will, so do your thing little boy.


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