Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day (hint: May 12!) is around the corner and I thought I’d throw together some sweet finds I’ve seen around. I’ve been on Amazon quite a bit, ordering little odds and ends for baby brother, and I’ve seen a few of these items pop-up. I love finding more handmade items there, as well as fresh options and personalized jewelry, so many fun things to discover.

So here are a couple on my wishlist! There is everything from practical, like the Fossil smart watch, to pretty, like the lovely rattan purse, and in between—gorgeous cake stand which would have many uses around here these days (we have a pie in the fridge just wishing it was already on that stand!).

And while I haven’t listed these here, I do hold strongly that a heartfelt card, a notebook, candle, a few hours date for myself, etc. are pretty high on my list as well!

Sweet set of succulents | Layered bar necklace | Cake stand | Wooden spoons | Fossil watch | Sleeping eye mask | Fresh flowers | Rattan bag


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