Bits and pieces

We had a very sweet Easter! The kids woke up with James to read the Easter story and then we celebrated, did baskets and enjoyed delicious cinnamon rolls (though, we’ll be doing eggs next year, sugar rush was not something we needed to instigate!). Then we were off to church and it was one of those mornings where you’re pinching yourself because mostly, the kids are participating and we all get to pay attention and it’s not only somewhat, dare I say, peaceful BUT you also get to enjoy it. Sigh. We went to celebrate with my extended family afterwards and it was overall just a sweet day. Hope yours was too!

Though! I left my phone/camera at home all day and thus missed any chance for family pics! I fully intend on recreating it because the kiddos had the sweetest Easter outfits! Well, that and my hair was washed, and let’s just say I wish that had been thoroughly documented.

And as most all of my posts these day reveal, we are in the final stretch of time waiting for baby brother to come! I’m 39 weeks tomorrow, and most things are in order (until I hit publish on this and then find another list I’ve yet to complete!).

We had our washing machine go out of commission last week and yesterday, a beautiful new specimen arrived and it was almost as if my body said, okay we can prepare for go-time now! But meanwhile, we’re doing all the laundry imaginable. And can I just say, new machines make you feel like a stain master!! Old, funky stains have suddenly been lifted and cleared and maybe we have hope for my pregnancy tanks that I’ve spilled so hopelessly on!!

I’ve also managed to organize or rearrange most all of our belongings, from beds to room configurations to the deep recesses of closets. Our giveaway pile continues to grow and there may be (or certainly will be..) regrets later, but currently, the feeling is truly wonderful.

We are hoping to find time for one last date before time comes. It’s a funny thing to prepare for a babe. On one hand, it feels like such final tasks for pregnancy, which can be a little bittersweet. On the other hand, I am overwhelmingly excited to get this show on the road, because really, let’s get this show on the road!

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