38 Week Pregnancy Update


Well! It’s hard to believe that we’re 38 WEEKS now. It seems like time is slipping through my fingers and then, in other moments, I’m reminded that pregnancy is simply can feel like a long haul beautiful beast of a thing! I am at the stage where I’m too tired to copy and paste the sections I’ve been covering in these posts so I suppose I’ll just freestyle here 😉

I feel huge! But I know that I’ve felt this way with every baby, and (thankfully) no one has actually been 15 pounds (praise the lord not even close!). But at this point and beyond, it still feels like the world biggest baby might be in there.

I have continued to feel up for activity and moving around. Today I cleaned our room up and down, rearranged the kids sleeping areas and am continuing to purge unnecessary stuff. I know the nesting is both dangerous and intense at this time, so trying to keep my sentimental feelings around a little since I’ve become very “toss-y” with things and may not feel that way once postnatal hormones arrive. Apart from going Spring-cleaning crazy on the home front, walking is still my movement of choice and I’m glad for friends who have continued to make walk plans with me! Even when I’m significantly slower. This week I’ve been at the gym less, but still doing the elliptical when I’m there and some basic muscle toning, squats etc.

I’ve been craving sandwiches, fish, rice and so help me, vats of iced tea. And frozen yogurt. The last of which is quite the forceful craving. I’ve answered it with peanut butter and apple slices a few times and my body just sort of laughs at me 🙂

I have had a whole lot of uncomfortable sleep and just wake up with aches, and then there’s some insomnia still too. This used to drive me crazy, and while it still does at times, I make efforts not to lie in bed fuming about and just try to brace for it. It gives me a good amount of time to write 38 week pregnancy update posts, too!

I am loving my target maternity basics and I think I’ve got a thing for white tanks during pregnancy. I had a flashback of ordering multiple white basic tanks with the others while frantically searching through my laundry pile for my tanks the other day. Again, the target basic white tanks have been wonderful. They’re just so soft, stretchable on the bump and a generally durable material. Durable to the third trimester belly spills? No. But that’s what’s wonderful about a $9 tank!

In preparation for labor, I’ve been doing some refresher reading and when I can, I have done some relaxation practice, making sure I don’t forget how get to my happy place, so to say. My doula and I were also discussing quick labor and staying on top of the pain, so I am particularly focused on that part and keeping extremely calm instead of feeling out of control. Emma’s birth was quick at about three hours (though that doesn’t change the pain level!) so I can attest to feeling a bit like I was on an intense ride. Hoping to keep things at a peaceful peace, if we can ❤️

If I make it to my due date, or if i I just can’t help myself before then, I’ll be back at 40 weeks with your regular scheduled bathroom selfie! I try and keep the toilets out for good measure but hey, you can’t be everything to everyone.

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