Simply Deicious Avocado Toast

Avocado season is back! At least, they’re not four bucks a pop for now, ha. The welcoming of Spring-like weather somehow helps my fruit and veggie cravings grow. And that strong desire for cozy baked winter dishes like buttered, maple drenched pancakes or cheesy, sausage and kale quiche (you know, just general cravings, right?) are suddenly exchanged with cravings for fresh, crunchy, green with delicious ripe fruit! Avocado is the perfect in between with it’s fresh flavor while still satisfying to keep me full. I’ve been making a few dishes to usher in the avocado season, one of which is my favorite avocado toast!

This is such an easy and delicious breakfast or mid morning snack! Mashed up avocado with some lemon pepper and lemon juice makes for a tasty way to eat avocado. You can get crafty with your bread, too. I have a whole wheat sprouted toast here but this spread on artisan bread is additionally mouth watering.

Lemon Avocado Toast

1 large avocado

2 pieces of delicious bread

Juice from 1 lemon

A good douse of Lemon Pepper seasoning (if you are working from scratch, use pepper, garlic powder and your lemon juice will do the rest)

Spread mixture over partially toasted bread. Add arugula, lettuce or tomatoes for garnish. Enjoy!

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