My Hospital Bag Checklist

It’s time to think about packing for the hospital! With every baby, we’ve learned something new. We have certainly brought some really odd and or unnecessary items over the years. Our first stay was unexpectedly long and came complete with too-short nightgowns, halfway packed toiletries kits and James with his fancy button-shirt and no pajamas!

The subsequent births were a bit better prepared, and the birth center where we delivered provided so much for families that it dwindled our list down a little. But packing for the hospital is a favorite task of mine. It’s similar to my preparations for the holidays, making sure everything is on hand and packaged and tied up with a bow. There’s a nostalgia and warmth to it somehow. But I suppose I can wax romantically about most tasks that point to the end of labor; let’s get there, people!

Here are some items that have been notably helpful at the hospital and/or birth center for us. If we leave you with anything, please don’t bring a button-down shirt or short nightie to birth, you really will not need them 🙂

Things I’ll bring:

1. Cozy pajamas: I loved this pajama set from Amazon for my last birth and just got this Belabumbum set for this time around, just to mix it up. They are essentially really close in style and cut, but I wanted to have a cami option this time to help with those post-birth hotflashes,

2. Compression or comfortable socks: I appreciate having a few pairs of clean and cozy socks to walk around the tile hospital floors in. And it’s also helpful to prevent swelling after birth (especially if you required an IV or used medication!). I just picked up this VIM&VGR striped pair!

3. Hydrating everything: lotion, chapstick, hand repair etc. It can really get dry being inside these rooms.

4. Toiletries but especially: Toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash. For some reason I am not usually inclined to shower there (maybe just a quick rinse-off) but not long, steamy showers with all my products from home. Instead, I usually go in with my hair clean and then keep those other things on hand to keep me feeling fresh.

5. Headband or hair ties: to keep you all freed up while nursing!

6. Baby items: muslin blankets, baby hat/beanie, onesies (though we only really use them to go home, nakey babies with a diaper on, and many soft blankets are our jam). Here are a few sweet ones I’ve had in the past or been eyeing:

Muslin blankets | More muslin blankets | Onesies | More onesies | Newborn hat

7. And don’t forget a cute bag (sweet Amazon find) to stuff it all in!

Things I didn’t use:

1. Books, those who find time to do this are magical unicorns in my opinion!

2. Snacks, we had the best food at our birthing center, was so easy breezy not to have to think about food items to bring.

3. Swaddles, baby jammies, clothing. Okay WELL.. we did use swaddles here and there but by the last go-round, I realized that it was just more comfortable to nurse and put baby down when they had a full tummy and totally asleep. This one boils down to personal preference 🙂

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