Our Luke is five!


I can’t believe it buddy.. you’re five! Our little boy who feels suddenly huge, full of activity, wonder, thoughts, intelligence, kindness, love! I can hardly believe it. He has been waiting to be 5 since his friend Micah turned 5, two years ago. Seriously though. This couldn’t be a more exciting milestone (although he’s already set the next goal at 9! Ha).

When he was born, Luke caused our lives to slow down right from the get go. Our recovery and birth took so much out of us; suddenly life had our attention. Life and death matters will do that (our first birth was dramatic). Looking back, his entrance into our family initiated some really important steps of realization for the both of us—like the importance of family and how valuable every day truly is. I am thankful for this, and love that Lukey was part of that.

So what’s Luke like at this age? He is such a little rock for us, even at five. I see how he brings patience, solidity and steadfastness to us all. From remembering the things we all forget, to being there in times of need, to saying a simple “I love you” out of the blue, carefully moving clothes I’ve folded, or bringing a silly playful spirit when it’s needed.

He is growing so much in self-confidence and independence; he can do so many things by himself, which is amazing to observe. He is able to express himself so well and I am constantly surprised at how specifically he views the world and what’s happening around him. Luke carries himself with strength and yet his heart is extremely tender, thankful and generous. We have our learning curves as always, but Luke has been my little buddy these last years. Whether it’s supporting me in the midst of the long days (always grabbing a diaper and double checking if I need wipes), tickling one of his sisters or watching out for them, striking up conversation with someone and finding out what sort of dog they have, it’s just fun to be with Lukey.

We love our little man and we’re so proud to be raising such a loveable five year old!

Just for fun: Luke at 4 | Luke at 3 | Luke at 2 | Luke at 1 | Luke’s birth story

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