Tips for a Relaxing Evening at Home

These days, I am especially prone to a relaxing evening at home. If I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch by 7pm, then I am usually looking for a few things to help me wind down, recharge and relax. I am currently forgetful about what it’s like to have energy in the nighttime hours, and usually enjoy being productive or socializing after the sun goes down.

For now, if I find myself in any position where my head can rest on something soft, you’ll lose me for sure. I am finding that there’s actually much to be buzzing about as spring quickly approaches (not just babies!) so if you’re also in need of a quiet night like me, here is my perfect recipe.

Spa-like Bath-time—for a few years now, I have enjoyed bath time complete with lavender Epsom salts, which is such a relaxing scent to breathe in while soaking. Some salts and a couple well placed candles is a beautiful beginning to a relaxing night in!

Spring’s Eden Tin Candle | Best Epsom salts | Coconut body soak

Pamper treatments—after I rinse off, I love to have a few “spa treatments” ready to enjoy. I love a good face exfoliant, a cuticle oil douse, a hydrating hair mask or even just a thorough moisturizing sesh with my favorite moisturizer.

Face exfoliant | L’Occitane cuticle oil | Moroccan Oil Hair Mask | Best moisturizer

Cozy cozy cozy—once the pampering is sufficient, especially after a bath, I grab my softest, most luscious, best “floating” lounge clothes. Literally, they feel like they are floating on you, not hugging, hanging etc. One of my most beloved pairs of floating lounge pants are from the Old Navy lounge line. Other key ingredients include a Barefoot Dreams sweater, a buttery tank top and a delicate pair of my softest socks.

Barefoot Dreams Sweater | Lounge pants | Buttery Pact tank top | Cozy socks

Something delicious—if I want to embrace the relaxation, I’ll sometimes skip the busier, early dinner with the kids (still sit and chat with them of course) but wait til things quiet down to make myself a late dinner. A big salad, rotisserie chicken and a delicious dressing is always a hit to make me feel my best. Some other ideas:

Pear salad with dried cherries and walnuts | Avocado and mango brown rice sushi | Roasted salmon with celery and bulgur salad

Reading, writing, quiet time—lastly, I love to catch up on a good book, do some free writing or journaling. If I have time to do that, I know I’ve really cleared my mind and am able to relax.

Journaling prompts | Bestsellers this week!

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