Bits and pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’ve been so behind the game this week, our entire family somehow got a terrible stomach flu, within hours of each other and it’s been a mean one. The last 12-24 hours have been a romantic dance of changing sheets, changing clothes, filling waters, emptying buckets, washing towels, disinfecting the car, washing car seats, disinfecting the house, not to mention managing my own personal symptoms! We haven’t had anything like this before, but have heard the stories; I guess we have our own now!


The rest of the week was dedicated to fixing a tire that I blew on the freeway, or better yet a rock that did us in. Majorly exciting, I know. We spent multiple hours waiting our turn at the dealership, then coming up empty there, then to the tire store, working with claims to get the tire paid for (it’s practically new), and then waiting for the tire to arrive (it hasn’t yet!). Any of this sound like a week you’ve had? Solidarity, my friends, I stand with you! M

The kids have been great sports, and I’d like to think I have too, but we are all longing for our regular health and routine again that’s for sure. And I wish I could indulge in a little chocolate with them today! But that’s definitely going to have to wait.

I didn’t always love celebrating Valentine’s Day, maybe the pressure of it, but as the years go on, I get on board with celebrating love—and thought Galentines’ was a welcome addition to the whole genre! ❤️ We found a few little things to give the kids today (bouncy ball, hot wheel and some licorice and hedgehog cookies from Trader Joe’s) and Luke had a Valentine exchange earlier in the week. Anyhow, a bizarre week for us but hope you’re enjoying yours. The rain has been a nice backdrop for rest and we’re supposed to have it all day today. Happy love day to you!

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